Design Worlds Collide in De Padova and Time & Style’s Collaborative Furniture Collection

De Padova and Time & Style have both made big names for themselves in the furniture world — each holding true to its own particular brand of style and aesthetics. Now, their mutual respect for the craft has brought them together on a new line called the Time & Style Edition collection, and it encapsulates the best of both Italian and Japanese elements.

A simple wooden chair featured in De Padova and Time & Style's new collaborative furniture collection.
A simple wooden chair featured in De Padova and Time & Style’s new collaborative furniture collection.

17 pieces make up the new collection, with pieces running the gamut of standard home furnishings. The melded styles are apparent all throughout, like in the “Sensitive Light” chair, which boasts trademark Danish-influenced simplicity and light, sleek design for added versatility and mobility. The “Bombori” lamp champions Japanese craftsmanship with its hand-bent wooden spines and washi paper shade that nods to traditional paper lanterns. According to De Padova CEO Roberto Gavazzi,

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Does Trendy Design Always Stand the Test of Time?

A bright pink kitchen decorated in the iconic style of the 1980s.
A bright pink kitchen decorated in the iconic style of the 1980s.

Architectural design comes to life in a variety of ways, often standing out against a landscape of traditional elements. Strong characteristics of buildings, houses, and other dwellings add eye-catching appeal and provide unique features that make their designers easily identifiable. This type of innovation garners attention and praise from other architects, journalists, and design enthusiasts — but of course, what might initially appear to be ingenious details can also be the very things that turn potential buyers and investors away down the road. That’s because extreme designs often come to be associated with trends, although that fact doesn’t come to light until some time has passed and it becomes obvious that the work isn’t timeless after all.

Although there will always be people with the money and appreciation for extremely unique architectural works, most eccentric features find a

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How Fashion Designer and Models Are Spending Time at Home

In times like these, it can be difficult to have hope. But hope fuels optimism, and optimism fuels action, and action is what we’ll need to reset, rebuild, and reimagine the world as we emerge from this pandemic.

To kick off our own season of hope, we asked the Bazaar community to talk to us about all of the reasons they’ve found to be hopeful right now: from things they’ve uncovered or rediscovered in quarantine; to the new ideas and priorities they’re embracing; to what they’re doing, making, planning, and dreaming as we look forward to a day when we can all once again be together.

To some, the last two months have been about getting back to basics and what really matters; to others, it has been a period of reflection. But if there is a common theme in the responses we received, it is this: that hope isn’t

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MasterClass is offering a two-for-one deal for a limited time

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Learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsay himself. (Photo: MasterClass)

We’re inside for a while, folks. And while we know it’s the right thing, it can be challenging. What do you do with the extra time once you’ve organized the cupboards, cleaned the attic, and really truly caught up on paperwork?

One word: learn.

Learn what? you might ask. Well, anything you’ve ever dreamed of learning. How? Through MasterClass.

For the uninitiated, MasterClass is a vast buffet of beautifully produced, intimate multi-session online courses with notables and celebrities, covering everything from cooking to space exploration. Think tennis lessons from Serena Williamscomedy class with Steve MartinTV writing with Shonda Rhimes

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