What Is Wedding Insurance? – Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Insurance

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that anything can happen—and that we should expect the unexpected. It’s a wedding planner’s job to prepare backup plans and contingencies, but the current uncertainty has brides and grooms thinking about plans B, C, and D more than ever before. Couples planning to wed in 2020 are now needing to postpone their celebrations and, in that process, consider all possible pitfalls that could prevent even the most well-planned event from taking place.

Insurance has always been an option when it comes to protecting yourself against the unpredictables surrounding your wedding day, just as it is when securing coverage for other key investments, like travel, or a home or car purchase. But according to many expert planners, wedding insurance has been predominantly untapped, save for those planning events in far-flung destinations, with activities that require licenses or extra safety measures

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‘Virtual First Friday’ Brings Arts To Your Home Amid Coronavirus

SAN DIEGO, CA — Although art galleries, museums and other arts and cultural institutions have been closed amid the coronavirus pandemic, San Diego’s Arts District Liberty Station is bringing the arts to your home Friday, May 1.

“Virtual First Friday” is a virtual version of the Arts District Liberty Station’s monthly showcase of its arts and culture groups.

“Our goal is to stay connected to our artists and organizations and to our supporters and community during this unique time,” said NTC Foundation President and CEO Lisa Johnson. “This has led the Arts District to collaboratively come up with new and innovative ways to be creative from a distance and to inspire individuals.”

Arts District Liberty Station, which is San Diego’s largest arts and cultural district located in historic buildings at the former Naval Training Center in the Liberty Station neighborhood, launched Virtual First Friday in April. The online-only event is

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Here’s How Design Brands Are Giving Back During Coronavirus

The design industry has a long history or giving back to the community. Long before designers and textile and furniture brands came together to support causes like the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, many of our favorite brands were offering support when it was most needed. During World War II, Schumacher donated yards of fabric to be used to make parachutes for the U.S. Military. Now, as the country struggles with the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies are stepping up to help healthcare and frontline workers, sick patients, and others at risk. Here’s a breakdown.

A Maker Moment, created by Field + Supply founder Brad Ford, is a platform that showcases furniture makers, ceramicists, lighting designers, and more artisans who are still working. READ MORE

Apple is making a million face shields per week for medical workers. READ MORE

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The Lasting Influence of Pandemics on Interior Design

COVID-19 isn’t the first infectious disease to have a major impact on the way we live, and it won’t be the last. Illnesses like tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera, and the 1918 “Spanish” flu have impacted everything from the popularity of upholstered surfaces to the construction of spacious suburban houses with their own gardens.

The Rise of the Half-Bathroom

powder room design by Diane Bishop Interiors
powder room design by Diane Bishop Interiors

These days, it’s hard to imagine living in a city where raw sewage flows straight from homes and businesses into the streets. Prior to the 1850s, most people blamed foul odors and evil spirits for spreading disease (though early forms of scientifically sound germ theory were proposed and ignored as early as 1025 by Persian polymath Ibn Sina). Advances in microscopy confirming that microorganisms are passed person-to-person and through contaminated drinking water finally led to a sanitary reform movement, establishing the basis of indoor plumbing.


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