Top Tips When Caring from Your Reindeer Rugs

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The popularity of reindeer rugs is on a constant rise. They are beautiful, durable, and versatile. You may use them as wall decorations, throws over your furniture, or floor decorations. Reindeer rugs can look good in most decoration styles. They feel soft and they have thick luxurious coats. The rugs come in a variety of colors and you can always find appropriate options for your space. The following tips may help you care for your reindeer rug. 

  1. Air It

Air your reindeer rugs regularly. When you first purchase your rug, you should expect some shedding. It is a normal process that will go away after some time. The rugs go through different amounts of shedding depending on their manufacturing process. Regular airing will help you get rid of the loose hairs to maintain the good looks of your rug. Take your rug outside and use your fingers to brush through it. 

Airing your reindeer rug may get rid of strong smells. Since they are natural products, the rugs have a smell. With regular airing the smell will disappear over time. Airing may also prevent the growth of mold. 

  1. Limit Exposure to Heat

Do not expose your rug to extreme heat. It dries out the leather and promotes shedding. When airing your rug, keep it in the shade away from direct sunlight. If your rug is exposed to direct sunlight, it may fade and the leather may stiffen. Do not use reindeer hide rugs in greenhouses, conservatories, or around fireplaces. 

  1. Limit Foot Traffic

Reindeer rugs have a lot of hollow hairs especially when you just buy them. Excessive foot traffic may cause the hairs to break. Avoid sitting or walking on the rug for too long. Consider placing your rugs in areas with minimal traffic. It looks and works best when placed over furniture, walls, or beds. Reindeer rugs are just as decorative as they are functional. 

  1. Clean Spills Immediately

If you spill food or drinks on your reindeer rug, clean it as soon as possible. Consider using baby shampoo to avoid staining. The same applies for colored soft drinks. Use a damp cloth to clean the stained area and be careful not to use too much water. Immersing the rug in water is unnecessary and it can shorten the lifespan of your rug. Dry the rug completely to prevent the growth of mold. 

  1. Keep It In Clean, Dry Spaces

Avoid placing your reindeer rug in wet or damp spaces. Moisture causes the development of mold and may give your rug a bad smell. The right place to keep your rug should be dry. 

  1. Proper Storage

Store your reindeer rug in a breathable bag. Air tight spaces often cause condensation and promote the growth of mold. Store your rug away from heat sources and direct sunlight. If you intend to store your rug for a long time, rolling is much better than folding. Folding your rug may cause creases. 

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