Industrial looks are getting overshadowed by natural elements.Cavan Images/Getty Images; Followtheflow/Shuttershock Insider asked industry professionals about the fading and emerging interior-design trends for 2022. They said exposed shelving and open-floor plans will likely continue to decrease in popularity. But floral prints, black accents, and nature-inspired looks are on the rise, […]

The prospect of making any major home design decision — picking out flooring, cabinets or counters — twists my stomach into knots. And that’s just one design choice. When new-home buyers have to make all those design decisions at once, they might as well just plan on dissolving into sobbing puddles […]

Since early 2015, Apple has been recruiting employees from the automotive industry and other car-related fields, corresponding to researchers with specialties in battery technology and autonomous systems. A high performance model based on E-GMP is capable of accelerating from 0-60 miles per hour in less than three.5 seconds, with a […]

Every year seems to bring new interior design trends that demand attention, but perhaps just as important is identifying which trends you should say goodbye to as quickly as possible. In 2020, these movements were particularly unflattering: Too Much of a Good Thing Sleek, white minimalist pieces might be cool […]