Light Your Home with Exquisite Lamps from Bellavista Collection

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Well-though-out lighting is very important. It actually is one of the chief factors that determine whether your home will be comfortable to live in.  If you want your house or apartment to be really well-furnished, high-quality stylish lighting fixtures are of no less importance than luxurious furniture.   

That’s the very type of lamp you will find on the website of Bellavista Collection. Although this brand is mostly focused on designing and manufacturing Italian luxury furniture, it also offers a cherry-picked selection of lighting fixtures for your home.

Even if you are not an interior designer, you’ll agree that it’s a tricky task to find the right balance between natural and artificial light. What is even trickier is to decide what will be the best solution for the particular area: overhead lighting (e.g., a chandelier), task lighting (i.e., creating a spot of light where necessary, by means of sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps), or the combination of both. But there is a couple of common-sense tips that will help you make the optimal choice.

In a nutshell, the bigger the room, the more sources of light you are likely to need in total. Also, the optimal set of lighting fixtures for a particular room depends on the function of this room in the first place. For example, a small dining room may do with a single suspended luminaire over the dining table. In a kitchen, a pendant lamp is also a must; if you love cooking, additional wall-mounted luminaires will come in handy to highlight countertops, sinks, and other areas.

To properly light a family room, which often is the largest one in the house or apartment, you’ll definitely need both an overhead lighting fixture and a few lamps for task lighting – table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, etc. The latter will highlight particular areas intended for the activities that need more light – reading nooks or tables for playing table games.  

Needless to say, a home office can’t do without a good desk lamp. Neither can a study, or the room where children are doing their homework.

In a bedroom, you would usually prefer a source of soft ambient lighting rather than a bright chandelier; actually, many bedrooms can do without a ceiling lamp at all. However, you’ll need spots of light in particular places. If you love reading for a bit before falling asleep, you’ll opt for a table lamp or a floor lamp to light up your bedside table. A sconce or two will be suitable on a wall – say, near a mirror. By the way, LED lights in a wardrobe are extremely handy in a bedroom, that is why Bellavista Collection offers them as an option.

And, last but not least, optimal lighting doesn’t mean ‘the brighter, the better. Not at all: in fact, poor lighting is just as bad as too bright. Both harm your eyesight, but the latter raises your electricity bill as well.

Now that you decided what lighting fixtures to get and where to place them, it’s high time to visit Bellavista Collection’s website, particularly the product category called LIGHTING. Here you will see sub-categories with pretty self-explanatory names, such as CHANDELIERS, TABLE LAMPS, FLOOR LAMPS, SCONCES, and CANDLE HOLDERS. Let’s take a look at just a few remarkable lamps from Bellavista that can become a final touch, completing the design of your perfect home.

Some of these lamps are so beautiful that can serve as a decorative element of the interior design. For example, the cast brass structure of DALIA table lamp from the 2020-2021 collection looks pretty as a piece of artwork. Its shape, which reminds of flower petals, is inspired by Nature. Well, admiring the beauty of Nature is the general idea of the latest collection. You will be able to choose between two impressively-looking finishes – black patina and antique bronze. 

The floor lamp named TOSCA, designed in 2012, remains a best seller in 2021. No wonder: its classic-looking outline easily blends into most of the interiors, and the elegance of its design is irresistible.

The same is true when it comes to ELECTRA, a lovely pendant lamp with a lovely fabric lampshade. This lampshade can be made of either polyester or linen and comes in three colors to choose from: white, grey, or beige. ELECTRA will be a great pick for a small living room or a dining room.

If you are looking for beautiful sconces, LUME is what you need. This sconce will look great anywhere – in a bedroom, an entry room, a living room, etc. Its lampshade, made of hand-blown crystal glass (you’re welcome to choose between clear or fumé glass), looks superb. Each shade is one-of-a-kind – with free-blown pieces, it’s always like that.

If you need a desk lamp, take a look at AMANDA. Made entirely of brass with antique bronze finish, it will be a great choice for a study or a home office; or you may well use it as a reading lamp. AMANDA’s modern, somehow high-tech-ish look, combined with touch activated LED lights, makes this table lamp a real eye-catcher.

As to the different voltage requirements, Bellavista Collections understands the needs of people who live on both sides of the Atlantic. Whatever lighting fixture you choose, it will come in two options that suit European and North American customers, namely, 220V / 50 HZ (EU) and 110V / 60 HZ (North America). Light bulbs also may differ in these two variants. 

To sum it all up, lighting fixtures from Bellavista Collection more than simply light sources. Each of them blends into the interior, finalizing the design of the room, becoming its inseparable part.  With Bellavista’s lighting fixtures, you can create masterpiece of an interior in your home. In actual fact, every piece designed and produced in Bellavista serves exactly the same purpose…