Large Dazzling Crystal Chandelier Creates a Special Mood In Every Room

A chandelier is all about the artistic cut on crystals and their lights. It is the light in the chandelier that makes it look brilliant and magnificent. Chandelier makers often make pieces that reflect maximum light out of it. Some makers also create pieces made of reflective silver to increase the light output. Chandelier designers also cut and scrape the mirror to create large visual effects on the walls in the form of a rainbow, circle, or split beam. 

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When we hear the word chandelier, it instantly brings an image of clusters of crystals clumped together in artistic style. For years crystal chandelier was a part of large halls, entryways, hallways, and foyer. These lights were perfect for the high ceiling in palaces, castles, hotels, villas, etc. even an ordinary staircase becomes a grand staircase after a large crystal chandelier is hung on the ceiling. 

Different Styles of Chandeliers

Here are some exclusive designs of crystal chandeliers –

  • Empire style large entryway chandelier with traditional dazzling crystal basket and gold or silver frame. They are perfect for foyers, staircases, and the giant or large rooms and halls. 
  • Wrought iron frames and crystal prisms together make the best traditional foyer lighting. They are perfect for open spaces with vaulted soaring sloped ceiling.   
  • The European style of crystal chandeliers is perfect for the entryway because that is the introduction of the house. One such example is the Maria Theresa crystal arm design chandelier. 

Places to Set Up Chandelier at Home

A chandelier can enhance the mood of any room. You just need to know the right height of the ceiling and the best design that suits the room. 

  • Set a crystal chandelier near the bathtub to lit up romance or mount it on both sides of the mirror or powder room. 
  • Install a dazzling crystal chandelier in your baby’s room so that he or she gets delighted after seeing the sparkling image on the ceiling every day.
  • Many people love lampshades beside their bed in bedrooms to have dim light which gives relaxation. However, if you place a crystal chandelier near the dressing area or side table, it gives the entire room a unique look. 
  • Dazzling chandelier on top of the dining table can change the mood of any person. Whether it is an early morning breakfast with the family or an elegant occasion, a chandelier can change the look of the dining hall. 
  • A chandelier stands out in the hallway even if it is the excluded part of the house. It adds beauty and shed proper light on stairs

Gone are those days when the prime focus for decoration and renovation was only the living room. A chandelier stands out in any room. No matter where you hang it, it brings all eyes to the ceiling.