How Wayfair Stylists Think You Should Decorate Your Home

Many home design trends popping up in 2022 aim to transform how we utilize and decorate our spaces. And with Wayfair pro stylists offering their expertise on some of the fantastic design tips emerging this year, we decided it was worth a deeper look into what decorating your home could be like in 2022. So, we’ve gathered some of the top design trends that Wayfair pros are talking about to help you determine where you should invest in your home.

graphic wall in bedroom
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Bring back the classics

This year, one of the most prominent home design trends is the resurgence of classics and retro styles within the home. As timeless, lively, and uniquely crafted pieces, retro and classic decor have made a grand comeback. Tailored and tufted faux leather couches, pops of green, orange, and yellow, and geometric furniture are back in style, encouraging homeowners to experiment with designs of the past to reinvent their spaces. In 2022, raised furniture and nesting coffee tables are likely to be among the most popular choices for inviting retro pieces into the home. With a focus on form and color, these classic details can add an air of creativity and nostalgia to any space.

purple jewel toned couch in modern living room design

Opt for jewel-toned pieces

In the past few years, minimalism in both clutter and color has taken precedence in many homes. However, after spending so much time indoors during the pandemic and changing up designs with only a select few neutrals, people are turning toward jewel-toned pieces for a more vibrant and exciting aesthetic in interior design. Amethyst, emerald, bold blue, and fiery pink shades are taking center stage. Used mostly as accent tones, these shades create a statement within the room and provide an opulent feel to the overall design. As a result, homeowners experimenting with this trend may find a new sense of vitality and luxury within their spaces.

Use natural pieces

While jewel tones are certainly a hot commodity for 2022 home design, there’s no denying that natural pieces are also becoming more renowned. Natural materials like earthenware, raw wood, stone, brick, and leather invite the outside in by creating a biophilic design that feels comforting. This design trend draws people back to the roots of home design by connecting them with raw materials that are natural, authentic, and crafted with care.

Many of these pieces are made for longevity and are perfect for creating an intentional space that avoids the kitsch and cheap feeling of many synthetic materials. To take part in this trend, we recommend searching for items with sophisticated craftsmanship made of high-quality natural materials that will allow your home to look exuberant and authentic.

cozy rustic living room design in winter

Get comfy and embrace coziness

Today, designers and homeowners alike are searching for soft, gentle pieces that add calmness and tranquility to the home. Plush furniture, soft fabrics, and light color palettes create a sense of coziness that many people are looking to embrace in 2022. Similar to the hygge hype in years past, this need for a comfy and cozy atmosphere is more important than ever. Also, rounded shapes like circular coffee tables, arched mirrors, or rounded sofas and sectionals add to the soft look. Curves are a beloved choice for creating a delicate, gentle aesthetic that enhances the quaint and tranquil mood of the room design.

nordic friluftsliv winter balcony design

Try out the Nordic “friluftsliv”

If you haven’t yet heard of the Nordic trend of “friluftsliv,” you may be sleeping on an amazing design trend that could transform how you use your space. Friluftsliv is the Nordic art of creating a cozy outdoor space focusing on warmth, naturality, and comfort. The term “friluftsliv” roughly translates to “open-air living.” As a sister style to the Danish “hygge,” this trend is great for anyone with a balcony, patio, or other outdoor space in need of a makeover. Fire pits, heat lamps, warm lighting, and comfortable outdoor seating are essentials for pulling off this design trend. The goal is to create a cozy space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Multipurpose ideas for functionality

Another trend emerging this year is using multipurpose furniture to embrace functionality. Most notable in the office, pop-up office settings like fold-out desks and stylized storage allow people to create a work-from-home space that looks stunning and doesn’t take up too much room. Additionally, nesting tables, bar carts, fold-out tables, and wheeled furniture allow homeowners the opportunity to use a space to its full potential and give people the chance to heighten functionality and embrace the space available to them. If you’ve been looking for a storage-friendly, space-saving solution to your home design, then this trend is a must for 2022!

With both comeback styles and new trends to watch this year, 2022 home design is all about comfort and authenticity. Reconnect with nature through friluftsliv and raw materials in your design. Or, opt for comfort and choose plush pieces that blend beautifully with classic furniture and retro decor. No matter how you plan to reinvent your space this year, rest assured that these trends are sure to make a statement in your home.

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