Ghost Hunting – The Art of a Successful Ghost Hunt Event


Haunted Happenings is a unique ghost hunting company. We ensure that all of our events fully involve our guests in making this a ghost hunting experience to remember. The guests work with the paranormal team and are part of the investigation. They are taught how to manage themselves during vigils and how to allow themselves to interpret how they feel. Each ghost hunt is unique and is respected as such. Every guest goes through the ghost hunt investigation becoming more and more aware of any spirit or ghost activity around them. They carry out experiments using the ghost hunting equipment and can decipher their findings with the paranormal team during the ghost hunt itself.

A successful ghost hunt is not necessarily when there is a lot of activity because although this can be frightening and what people have come for, it can’t be deciphered correctly whilst there is no structure or support within the framework of the ghost hunt itself. Therefore people can feel very uncertain about what they may have seen or heard if it has not been discussed and put into context within the boundaries and controls of the ghost hunt format. I know that people can want to run off and carry out their own vigils and seances without interference from others. It is my belief that they are not always prepared for what may happen during their time alone. It is therefore important as part of the team to allow your guests to feel that they are doing their own vigils but the reality is that we monitor them closely and keep our eye on how they are feeling after their lone vigil.

In conclusion I would say that a successful ghost hunt is not so much what happens on a paranormal level but how much energy and enthusiasm is maintained during the episodes when nothing is happening. This is when we have to work our hardest to keep the ‘spirits’ of our guests raised and interested,

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