Wooden Furniture Care – Home Remedies For Wooden Furniture Problems


All furniture undergoes a fair share of wear and tear during its lifetime, and loses its beauty and gloss over time. However, with some right homemade tips and tricks, you can actually add life to your furniture. Here are some quick tips to make your furnitue made of wood looking new and hide the blemishes that everyday wear and tear gives them.

Polish the Furniture Twice a Year:

Polishing wooden furniture is a very good idea, because it adds a lot to the health of the furniture and also makes it look good. However, keep in mind that the polishing should not take place more than twice a year, or else there will be sheen and unwanted layer on the furniture and it will look weird. While using the polish, make sure that it is not silicone or alcohol based, as alcohol is used in many strippers and will damage the wood itself. You can also make your own furniture polish, by mixing one part of lemon oil to three parts of olive oil. To keep the finish of the furniture intact, use bottled shoe polish, so that you can hide the stains and marks on the furniture.

Use Table Cloths:

Table cloths are good news for wooden furniture as well its users. Whenever you are using the wooden furniture as a dining table, or basically a food table, make sure to put a table cloth before you put any hot vessels on the furniture made of wood. Heat will damage the wood of the furniture, so you have to be a bit careful around wood and hot vessels.

Use Coasters:

Water rings not only take away from the look and feel of wooden furniture, but it also damages the wood. The best way to solve this use is to use coasters whenever you are drinking any liquid, or placing any vessels with liquid on the wooden furniture. If, however, waterspots do occur, let them dry completely and then apply some mayonnaise to them. More often than not, the waterspots will disappear.

These are just some of the tips to keep your furniture made of wood look young and beautiful even after a while of use.

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