What is Hamster Cage? How to Clean it and Keep your Hammy Safe 

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With regards to acquiring another pet into the home, the main thing you really want to have prepared is a nook to place them in. Assuming you bring a hamster into your home, you should be certain that you have the best hamster cage for them.


A hamster living space gives a protected hamster nook so you can be certain your little shaggy companion won’t get away from when you’re nowhere to be found. There is a huge assortment of walled areas you can use from a hamster cage, a little hamster cage, an enormous hamster cage, even a modest hamster cage.


The ideal hamster enclosure will differ on how much space you need to offer your new pet, what kind of materials you like, and how much space you bring to the table. We have assembled a complete rundown to help!


At the point when you get a pet, you need to remember a ton of elements like the pet’s resting region or haven, their food region, their litter region whatnot. You want to make changes as needs are to oblige your pet so it has a real sense of security and agreeable. Assuming you are getting a hamster as a pet, you want to initially ensure that there is an appropriate spot where your little companion can eat, rest and unwind.


You want to ensure that your hamster has a decent living and resting region. There ought to likewise be a water container or water dish. You will likewise have to give your hamster an activity wheel, passages and slopes so it can investigate and exercise and remain dynamic. Peruse our most recent aide about the best warmed canine houses.


A hamster cage is likely the most ideal choice to house your hamster. Picking the right sort of hamster confine is vital for your hamster’s general wellbeing and prosperity as here he will invest the vast majority of his energy while eating, playing, resting, and practising and disposing of his waste and so forth There are various sorts of hamster confines accessible on the lookout and they have explicit elements and attributes. You really want to pick an enclosure that is the most appropriate for your hamster’s necessities and needs. There are various elements that must be thought about when purchasing another hamster confine. Probably the main angles that must be considered are the size of the enclosure, the style, the straightforwardness with which it very well may be cleaned, the security and wellbeing of the enclosure, ventilation, wheels, bedding profundity, and the inclination of the hamster of bite on the enclosure. Peruse our total aide about the best Igloo canine houses.

Types of Hamster Cages


At the point when you begin investigating hamster cages, you’ll rapidly find there are just three essential sorts: wire, plastic, and aquarium.

Wire: A wire confine is a phenomenal decision as long as the bars are close enough together to keep your hamster from getting away. The wire confine is flexible, it offers great ventilation (ensure you get the enclosure far from drafts) and it is not difficult to clean. Moreover, your hamster might infer some fun out of climbing the bars.


On the disadvantage, you should be certain your hamster doesn’t bite on the bars, which can harm its teeth. Opening and shutting the enclosure might alarm your pet, so you’ll need to do that cautiously. With a wire confine, your hamster will actually want to throw food and bedding out between the bars.


Plastic: A plastic enclosure looks brilliant and enjoyable to a human, and it’s expandable so you can for the most part make it as large as you can imagine.


Be that as it may, there are various cons to buying a plastic hamster cage. Your hamster will bite anything it can get its mouth on, and a plastic enclosure offers a ton of bothersome choices. You should be cautious when utilizing tubes and different connections in light of the fact that there is generally deficient ventilation in a plastic enclosure, and a Syrian hamster (the bigger species) can stall out in the cylinders. Plastic enclosures can be hard to clean, as well.


Aquarium: A glass aquarium is a superb decision for a bantam hamster (the more modest species) since it offers no bars for the creature to just barely get through. This kind of enclosure is not difficult to open and is simple to clean. Nonetheless, it’s vital to get a well-fitting cross-section top to hold your hamster back from getting away. However long the top permits air to unreservedly pass, ventilation isn’t an issue.


Notwithstanding the kind of enclosure, there are various different choices you’ll have to consider prior to buying another home for your hamster.


Size: Depending on what country you live in, you might track down various norms for OK sizes Hamsters like to move around, particularly around evening time, along these lines, as a general rule, the bigger the enclosure you can bear (that will securely fit in your home) the better. For explicit aspects, as suggested by the National Hamster Council, see the FAQ area.


Safety: There are various wellbeing concerns you really want to think about when looking for a hamster confine. The hamster ought not to have the option to get away or even to some degree escape. There ought to be no rough edges that could hurt your hamster or captivate biting. The enclosure ought to be planned so the hamster has an insignificant shot at falling a huge span at whatever point it is climbing.


Ventilation: Although we addressed this momentarily over, your hamster needs natural air. Sufficient ventilation is one of the main things you can do to guarantee that your pet has a glad and sound life.


Accessories: Whether it’s a food dish, water bottle, wheel, climbing toys, or tubes, having an assortment of adornments included with the enclosure is continually tempting. In any case, don’t get too up to speed in ensuring an enclosure accompanies all that you need since individuals regularly conclude they like to alter the enclosure with handpicked extras. Assuming the hamster confine is adequately huge, you’ll have the option to add whatever extras you like.


Support: You’ll clean your hamster’s enclosure frequently. Assuming it’s hard to dismantle or has regions that are difficult to reach, you might end up avoiding your cleaning liabilities, and doing that could be hurtful to your hamster. Search for a hamster cage that is not difficult to clean. You’ll express gratitude toward yourself later.


Availability: If you have enormous hands and the hamster cage just has a minuscule entryway, you will not effectively have the option to take your pet out for some TLC time. Search for an enclosure that permits speedy admittance to your hamster without offering the little man a break course.


You can spend a bit or you can spend a great deal on a hamster cage. Whichever you pick, your choice shouldn’t be founded exclusively on value; it ought to be founded on what is best for your hamster.


Modest: The enclosures that cost $15 to $25 may look adorable, however many are too little and some probably won’t have satisfactory ventilation. You might observe an enclosure that is reasonable for a bantam hamster in this value range and assuming you do what’s necessarily looking, you may likewise observe something adequate for a Syrian hamster. Be sure you’re content with the form nature of the enclosure prior to settling on the ultimate choice.


Mid-range: In the $25 to $50 territory, you ought to have the option to find precisely what you really want. Most of these enclosures are adequately huge and include extras that will assist with keeping your hamster cheerful and solid.


Costly: If you burn through $50 to $100 and up, you’re ordinarily moving forward from a cottage to a manor.

Ways to Clean The HAMSTER CAGE

Regardless of your hamster’s earnest attempts to keep things clean, living in an enclosure implies that things will get grimy decently fast. Dark form and organism can develop on your pet’s strong waste, and as a hamster’s pee separates, it discharges smelling salts, which is harmful to hamsters. To keep your hamster solid, you want to clean its enclosure once every week. On the off chance that you have a Syrian hamster, you may have to clean the enclosure at least twice consistently — let your nose choose. Following is a speedy bit by bit guide for cleaning your hamster’s cage.


  • Eliminate the hamster. Cautiously remove your hamster from the enclosure and spot it somewhere protected while you work.
  • Eliminate the embellishments. Take out whatever is removable, for example, toys, food dishes, water containers, and wheels. Make certain to discard old food and void the water bottle.
  • Dump the sheet material. Assuming the enclosure is too enormous or too dangerous to even consider unloading the sheet material, you’ll need to scoop it out the hard way. (Wear gloves — you will be contacting creature waste, so you’ll need security.)
  • Clean the enclosure and extras. Utilizing an endorsed, pet-safe sanitiser, clean and completely dry the enclosure and every one of the extras.
  • Add crisp sheet material. Provide your hamster with a thick layer of sheet material to tunnel in.
  • Supplant all frill. Return your hamster’s things as a whole: toys, food dish, water gadget, wheel to the enclosure. Make certain to add clean food and water.
  • Return the hamster. Set your hamster back in the enclosure.
  • Clean up. Completely clean up with a cleanser and warm water.
  • Be steady. Focus on how your hamster’s enclosure looks and scents so you realize when it’s an ideal opportunity to clean it once more.