Vegas luxury homebuyers desire turnkey solutions

The housing market in Las Vegas is hotter than it has been in years, and this, of course, extends to Southern Nevada’s fine array of luxury homes. From MacDonald Highlands to Red Rock Country Club, Las Vegas has some of the most high-end communities available in this region for those with the pocketbook to match.

Though as hot as the market may be, the fact remains that higher-tier home sales have much slower turnaround time than the average residence. And when selling to this special limited audience of wealthy buyers, there is a frequently overlooked element that can result in an estate spending a slogging amount of extra time on the market. To tighten up on that timeline, sellers often explore the inexplicable magic of home staging — which has the potential to substantially liven up what might come off as ordinary, or lived-in to the interested buyer. Homes can spend up to 70 percent less time on the market when staging versus not.

Home staging can be described as amplifying the vitality of an already beautiful home by telling a story with furniture, artwork and other thoughtful design implementations. Instead of seeing an awkward or non-functional part of a house, prospective buyers may see possibilities for kids’ playrooms, party hosting space or simply a level of sophistication that just wasn’t there before. This helps the buyer visualize themselves living in the space and on a psychological level, can encourage a purchase decision much more expeditiously. Why is that so? Staging experts and interior designers will say that at the center of their work, they’re selling a feeling. A designer’s biggest goal is to help the buyer really envision life in their could-be home.

Another reason why home staging is so attractive is when the staged collection is up for sale, either piecemeal or as a full set.

This is a real bonus to many high-end home shoppers who are often looking for a turnkey solution — custom, luxury furnishing created by a professional design team that comes ready to go — with no more future work on the horizon for the buyer. This can save time and toil for someone whose life already has a packed work schedule.

On top of moving, which can be one of life’s biggest stressors, many people don’t have the skill set or strong desire to figure out what is going to make their home look nice. It does take a designer’s eye to know certain tricks, such as how floor-to-ceiling drapery makes every room look taller, or how mirrors set directly across from windows will double your light and make a space look grander.

Real estate brokers selling homes in this tier should absolutely consider a professional staging to assist in enticing prospective buyers. At the end of the day, beautifying a space can leave the type of impression that allows buyers to seriously take a home into consideration, instead of just crossing it off their list of potentials.

Heidi Carlsen is a designer at Stately Home Staging where she leads design efforts to transform luxury home settings into beautiful living spaces aimed to allure potential homebuyers. Through the staging process, Heidi and her team provide direct consultation to learn about particular interior design styles clients are aiming to show, begin staging processes including white-glove delivery and setup services and, finally once the property sells, offer staging items for purchase at clients’ preference. More information at