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Unicorn Suppliers (HK) Ltd. was founded in 1985 to work a chain of section stores and supermarkets from Japan in Hong Kong, with a mission to produce “high-high-quality, honest and courteous provider of a office store from Japan to customers”. Bean Buro was tasked with designing their headquarters which has exclusive needs to retail store and evaluation samples.

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The Narrative: A modernised courteous workplace
We translated Unicorn Stores’ business ethos as a incredibly normal and courteous place of work for the workforce. We aided them shift from a common place of work setup to a modern day office that is a lot a lot more sociable for collaborations though becoming snug and soothing. The design and style utilises numerous delicate Japanese elements as inspiration.

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The Method: Infusing Japanese roots into the interior
We researched conventional Japanese architecture and translated the concepts into straightforward timber joinery to make different bespoke features, these types of as the reception desk, a gridded ceiling lights method, and Japanese partition screens. Other Japanese inspirations involve the use of a ‘noren’ – traditional dividers built of purely natural fabric, usually hung in doorways and among rooms, and playful Japanese motifs in the graphic design and style and signages.

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The Alternative: An open and integrated neighbourhood
The entrance and reception foyer has been lined in timber to make a warm and welcoming atmosphere with seating booths which can be made use of by website visitors and staff alike in a cosy environment. The basic place of work is an open up plan, one particular huge connecting neighbourhood with a variety of shared furniture integrated. Enclosed assembly rooms are found in the main of the workplace with glass partitions to protect noticeable connections and plants are incorporated into all the windowsills.

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Somewhat than enclosed offices for the departmental heads, they are alternatively linked to the crew as aspect of the open up approach when however retaining a level of privateness as a result of the use of a collection of bespoke acoustic partition screens with a personalized textile design. The pantry is an casual space for the employees to unwind with versatile café seating. The spot also has pegged partitions for sharing local community information. Roller blinds are applied alongside the pantry home windows and aid to strengthen the id of the place of work via tailor made graphic structure.

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The Elements: Neutral naturals with playful accents
The palette is predominantly timber and white for the architectural surfaces. Many accents are developed in the elements, which include the use of a gradient fluted glass for the partitions of the collaboration booths, playful geometry such as arcs and circles in red—an interpretation of the brand—and other subtle uses of colours and graphics on the glass and acoustic partitions. Red coloured grout is also used for the tiles in the pantry spot to even further inject the brand’s identity into the design.

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We found the general work neighbourhood to be in the vicinity of the windows for enough pure daylight, and the meeting rooms in the core with an ethereal lighting design, to guarantee excess synthetic lighting is not necessary. For example, the various wall acoustic panels with backlighting assistance to boost the legibility of the rear walls of the place. Carpets have been made use of in all enclosed meeting rooms and crops have been integrated into the joinery style. We also specified small VOC paint and veneer laminates.

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The Obstacle: A delicate balancing act
The problem in conditions of structure was putting a delicate balance of developing a very robust enterprise identification via the use of colors, gentry, signages and nevertheless guaranteeing the workplace is a cozy and relaxing function location. For illustration, we employed vivid colors in the front of residence reception and the pantry locations to stimulate energy for heightened social interactions but held all the normal workspaces quite neutral employing organic resources. The consequence is a workplace that embraces social, collaborative, and adaptable doing the job.

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Bean Buro crew: Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Christina Standaloft, Isabelle Gin, Savannah Wilkins Client: Unicorn Suppliers Key contractor: Aspect Technologies & Materials Ltd.

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