The Top Questions We Get About Bamboo Flooring


Have you established your sights on setting up bamboo flooring in your residence? Are you a very little baffled by what you’ve been looking at online?

You are not on your own. Dependent on what useful resource you examine, bamboo is possibly the best or worse product for household flooring.

We fall into the category that thinks it makes a good addition to any residence. Having said that, like any flooring decision, you have to recognize how to treatment for and preserve it about time to actually drop in appreciate with it, and enjoy it for yrs to come.

We get a good deal of queries about bamboo flooring as people are making an attempt to narrow down their decisions. We assumed we’d share them with you right here to help you make up your mind as you are selecting if bamboo flooring will make a welcome addition to your home.

Are there distinct styles of bamboo flooring?

Indeed, and this is where by a large amount of the confusion will come from. Bamboo flooring is usually broken down into two categories: stable and strand woven.

Stable bamboo is much more traditional, where by strips of bamboo are glued collectively to make a reliable and steady floor covering. It is produced in the same way to a standard oak ground.

The Top Questions We Get About Bamboo FlooringStrand woven is more recent and far more innovative in know-how. Bamboo is shredded and woven with each other to develop a more powerful and much more functional floor. Strand woven is two times as sturdy as a lot more conventional oak flooring.

Are there various types of strand woven bamboo flooring?

Certainly! Innovation hardly ever stops, and you’ll uncover that the moment you start out looking at strand woven bamboo flooring. The most widespread involve:

Reliable strand woven bamboo – this is twice as strong as classic hardwood flooring, the place bamboo strands are compressed beneath significant force to develop tough planks. They’re milled with a tongue-and-groove structure that will allow them to be glued or nailed into location. Like hardwood, they can be refinished quite a few periods, providing you a extensive lifespan.

Engineered strand woven bamboo – this delivers a thick strand woven bamboo have on layer over the major of a resilient core. Like engineered hardwood, engineered bamboo offers you a tough, resilient solution that is even less difficult to put in with click on-and-lock technological know-how.

Rigid core strand woven bamboo – want an even more robust main? This could be your solution. These flooring provide strand woven bamboo on the top rated layer, with a rigid polymer composite (SPC) main. This can make bamboo useful in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where moisture might be a issue. Some rigid main goods also come equipped with a padded base that serves as a vapor barrier. This implies it can be floated straight over concrete subfloors without having require of an underlayment. If you have debated about what to put in in your basement, rigid main strand woven bamboo may well be your option.

Is strand woven bamboo flooring eco-welcoming?

Of course! Which is what qualified prospects a lot of home owners to glance at bamboo as a flooring possibility.

Most of the world’s bamboo is developed in China. Bamboo is a regenerating grass, so it grows significantly more quickly than hardwood trees. That makes it extra sustainable and environmentally welcoming.

This regenerative grass matures within 5 a long time. As soon as harvested, it has self-regenerating homes that will not call for replanting.

To be actually eco-welcoming, pay focus to development and harvesting procedures. Glance to assure the company follows ideal procedures, and allows healthy harvesting and regeneration traits. Certification by companies this kind of as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will ensure ideal tactics.

Is strand woven bamboo flooring far better than hardwood?

Like all varieties of flooring, it is a personal option. Several house owners have set up bamboo flooring and are very delighted with the success. The more study you do about the item to guarantee it matches your way of living, the much better probability of remaining pleased with the effects.

Hardwood and strand woven bamboo flooring are each made from purely natural supplies, can be refinished quite a few moments, have a identical sense and comfort amount, are straightforward to retain, and are set up in related fashion.

The differences include things like:

  • Bamboo is produced from a regenerative grass, whilst hardwood comes from trees
  • Bamboo matures in 5 years, while hardwood can consider up to 60 yrs to achieve maturity
  • Bamboo is typically more reasonably priced than hardwood
  • Strand woven bamboo ordinarily has a Janka hardness score of as a great deal as a few situations that of conventional hardwood

Does strand woven bamboo expand and agreement like hardwood?

Both of those bamboo and hardwood are created from hygroscopic content, which usually means they soak up humidity from the air in the setting. Both equally merchandise do perfectly in a balanced moisture surroundings.

When relative humidity decreases, there is fewer dampness in the air. This results in the ultimate solution to deal, which can bring about gaps in the planks.

As relative humidity rises, it brings a lot more moisture to the air. Additional humidity can trigger buckling as the last item expands.

No make a difference which merchandise you select, acclimating it to your home’s environment is an crucial part of the course of action. If dampness is a problem, appear to engineered or rigid main.

Is strand woven bamboo flooring tough?

Sure! If you have developed to adore hardwood, but want some thing even a lot more sturdy, you’re heading to really like what strand woven bamboo provides to your property.

Strand woven bamboo is a sturdy and long lasting products. But like any flooring substance, it can be weakened above time. If you drag heavy furniture throughout it, you will discover light scratches. Fall major pans or sharp objects, and you may well recognize dents. It can face up to a lot of stress it just is dependent on what hits it, and the quantity of pressure powering it.

The vital to its results is routine maintenance. Thankfully, the course of action to preserve it thoroughly clean doesn’t choose as well substantially hard work. Use a dust mop or a vacuum with comfortable, non-rotating bristles to keep dust and particles away. For more soiled floors or a additional deep cleaning, a basic remedy will do the trick. Check with manufacturer’s guidelines before employing any cleansing solution to guarantee it doesn’t injury the complete. Never use a damp or steam mop to be certain ideal final results.

What concerns do you have about strand woven bamboo flooring? 

If we can solution any of your thoughts, give us a contact. Whether you are finalizing your flooring alternative, or however have normal inquiries, we’re joyful to supply you with reliable assistance.

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