Telluride Colorado is truly a skier’s paradise. This beautiful Victorian town is all about skiers and snowboarders, with a gondola system that runs straight from the town up to the ski slopes and a dial-a-ride system that will get visitors from their homes to the gondola for no charge. Real Estate prices in Telluride are quite high, with homes starting in the 350,000’s for a one bedroom one bath condo and going up from there. But this is also where the rich and famous play, which means that, unlike other parts of the country feeling the pinch in the housing market, Telluride’s real estate market is solid as a rock.

As of writing this piece, the most expensive property listed for sale was 88 million dollars, and featured more than 14 bedrooms, more than 8 bathrooms, a 4 car garage and 4 guest houses. The property had a river and 4 lakes on it. It was truly exceptional. It was farther outside of Telluride, but well worth it.

There are some reasonably priced properties in the areas farther outlying the city, but properties in the City of Telluride are pricy, as are properties in the Mountain Village area. What you get for this higher price is a small neighborly community that has a very low crime rate and a pristinely conserved Victorian town. Properties in this area hold their values well, and more recently, Telluride has become a year round vacation destination, which also offers the potential of rental income.

Since Telluride is such a small area, real estate in the city of Telluride and in Mountain Village, properties for sale can be a little hard to come by at times, but your realtor should be able to help you find the right property for you depending on what is more important for you, whether it’s a property that has ski in/ski out privileges or one close to the golf course, it’s attainable in Telluride. There are still some undeveloped lots in the area, which means that if you are willing to wait, you can have the perfect house built for you.

There is only one elementary school, middle school, and high school. However, when you consider that the year round population is less than 3000, there isn’t a need to have any more than this. The entire city of Telluride is about 6 blocks wide and twelve blocks long, measuring in total and .75 square miles. It is located in the valley of a box canyon, creating some of the best outdoor sports activities anywhere. Summer activities include rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing, rafting, biking, golf and mountain boarding. Mountain boarding is like snowboarding, but your board has rugged wheels. So you can keep in top snowboarding form all year long. In the winter of course the highlight is skiing and snowboarding. All year long, there are spas, shopping, clubs, art galleries and dining for your enjoyment. There is not a single strip mall or fast food joint in Telluride, only unique galleries and one of a kind boutiques and a huge variety of sporting good stores to meet all your skiing and snowboarding needs, from the latest in ski design to custom boot fittings.

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