Simple Household Chores Routine


Household Chores List

In an effort to leave no stone unturned, here is a list of household chores for your home…

Daily Chores (or Every Other Day)

  • Sweep, Mop or Vaccum Floors

  • Wash Dishes + Unload Dishwasher

  • Disinfect The Kitchen

  • Wash + Fold The Laundry

  • Prep + Cook Meals

  • Feed Your People + Your Pets

  • Clean Bathrooms

  • Dust + Wipe Fixtures + Surfaces

  • Take Out Trash + Recycling

Weekly Chores (or Every Other Week)

  • Change + Wash All Bedding

  • Cleaning Out Refrigerator

  • Deep Cleaning Hard Surfaced Floors

  • Vaccuming Furniture

  • Bathing Pets

  • Watering Plants

  • Everything In The Yard (#WompWomp)

  • Sort Mail + File Papers

Monthly Chores (or Every Other Month)

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Change Furnace Filter

  • Clean Garabge Disposal, Washer + Dryer

  • Test Smoke Detectors

  • Wash Windows

  • Wipe Down Electronics

  • Clean Blinds + Drapery

  • Declutter Clothes Closet + Take Donations

How To Simplify Household Chores

As we’ve talked about already, maintaining an organized home is not only setting up systems it’s keeping them simple, front of mind + working them on a routine basis.

But here’s how to simplify household chores…

Declutter + Setup Organizing Systems

You know we can’t mention simplifying household chores without first acknowledging that there are many, many steps before “maintaining” an organized home. 

Our belief over at Elegant Simplicity is that organizing is continuous. 

In other words, you’re going to be revisiting whether or not you should keep this or that — until the end of time, friend. Which is why learning how to organize your home is an invaluable skill to have 🙂

If you haven’t seen this Guide To A Clutter-Free Home already, then you’re absolutely going to LOVE it.

Calendar Time For You To Complete Your Tasks

We wholeheartedly believe that everything successful in life is systematized. From the coffee you order at starbucks to the processes that you follow at work. Your home is no different. 

But in order to have a system you must first prioritze the space for that system to be worked. Your coffee break, you prioritize. Your roles + responsibilities at work, you prioritize.

In simpler more granular terms, what we mean by “prioritizing” is setting aside time (1-hour, 30-minutes, etc) on a weekend, in the evening, before you leave the house for the day. Whatever it is, put it on your calendar.

This will ensure you’ve made space in your list of priorities (we’ve all got them) for what matters most to you — which we know by now is your home.

The reality is… If you don’t, you won’t 🙂

Take Microsteps Now, So You Won’t Have To Leap Later

Doing a little bit, when your calendar says you should, will help ensure that all the effort + energy you’ve put forth in creating this beautiful home won’t fall to the wayside. 

In those moments, you’re taking a little time now (a microstep) towards maintaining the home you love, to save yourself from having to invest excessive amounts of time (big leaps) had you not done anything for a while.

For example, you’ve bought a few new blouses… which blouses that currently are in your closet are you going to donate? There’s a microstep. Overtime, if you don’t take that microstep — your closet turns upside down AGAIN. 

Address The Mess

When you notice something is suddenly messy… it happens. Address it. Right. Away. 

  • Kids toys all over the living room floor? Ask them to help tidy it up. 

  • Laundry that needs folded? Dig in. Right. Now.

  • A shelf of the pantry needs resituated? Go for it.

The important thing is you’re willing to bite off small tasks right away.

Daily Routine

The organizing systems in your home will take care of the big issues like where bags should go when you come in the door. But the daily routine that you determine will help to simplify the chores that need done to keep things in order. 

These are the menial tasks that your routine consists of…

Whatever it is for you — simplifying these chores is as easy as knowing what keeps things going for you + your tribe. You can use the Daily Chores list above to better determine.


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