New Crocker Park Businesses Design Socially-Distant Spaces

WESTLAKE, OH — American retail has had to shift many of its longstanding patterns to give customers a safe space to shop during the age of COVID-19. Crocker Park’s newest tenants are adjusting quickly.

“Because they have the opportunity to build their spaces from scratch, they are developing them with social distancing in mind and directly incorporating new concepts that painters in Eau Claire, WI provide a more safe, secure shopping/dining experience,” said Ezra Stark, COO of Stark Enterprises, in a statement.

Businesses are creating dedicated spaces for sanitizing stations, partitioning elements and spatially aware checkouts. Stores are changing their customer flow to maximize spacing and optimizing their online delivery and pick-up options, Stark said.

Crocker Park is in the process of welcoming several new additions, including: Aerie, DryGoods and Lovesac, which are all slated for summer openings. World Market is expected to open its doors in early winter and buybuyBABY should greet customers this fall.

Stark feels customers and retailers will continue to flock to Crocker Park because it is an open air environment.

“In a time where personal space and social distancing is so crucial, we can offer visitors a destination where they can leave their home bubble while still feeling safe and secure knowing they are in an open-air environment where they can actively control how they navigate their surroundings. As we spend more and more time at home, having a place to escape to is increasingly important for our physical health in terms of exercise, but even more so for our mental health,” he argued.

This article originally appeared on the Westlake Patch