Home style that commonly used in Asia is very interesting. In China, there are some rules of the culture in creating interior design with the purpose of capturing the beneficial Qi and protecting it from negative energy. According to the feng shui master, this culture is created because the ancient people would look for a sheltered spot where the wind was not too harsh for their settlement.

Feng shui can be adapted to the modern home without regardless to the rule. The first tips on feng shui are you need to keep the door and pathways unblocked. The purpose is the Qi hoped to flow into your home.

During the day, the doors and windows would be good to be opened in order to let the fresh air in and let it circulates. You will also be suggested to have some indoors plants, but not too many. And then keep your home clean and tidy because it will bring comfort to all family members.

Next rule is about the bedroom, it needs much feng shui touch because the importance of this room is for relaxation. The first thing to make the bedroom as a relaxing place, you need comfortable furniture in proportion to the room. It is not good have too many furniture in small room either as if you have little things in a huge room.

It is important not to use too many round or circular shapes because it denotes motion. In the other hand you can choose furniture with square and rectangular shapes because it will give sense of stillness. However, the feng shui rule said that placing television in your bedroom is not good because you can see your own reflection while lying in bed.

When we go for interior design living room, you can arrange for furniture so people can sit around together. But still you must arrange for space to move within the room. Generally interior design for this place consists of sofa, coffee table and TV but it would be nice if you put soft fabric and soft cushions because it will make relax.

It is also recommended to have some sort of nice metal sound. You can post a chinning clock, the sound of piano, even recorded piano music. According to the feng shui, these arrangements can help to keep Qi clean and clear.

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