Easy and simple steps to make red wine jus for steak

It’s still up for debate whether red wine offers many significant health benefits. However, modern studies have shown that drinking a little bit of red wine daily, can help avoid a variety of ailments, including heart disease. So if you are contemplating buying a wine fridge, it might just be the right decision.

Other than drinking, red wine has many other uses as a sauce, for instance. Especially, when it comes to steak red wine jus is like the cherry on top. The only problem with having red wine jus is that many people do not know how to make it at home. Don’t worry folks, we are here to help you with this problem.

Here are a few simple steps to make red wine jus for steak!

Prepare the butter

Do you think you can make any sauce without the butter? So naturally, the first step in our simple guide to making red wine just would be to prepare the butter for the sauce.

Take some butter and heat in a pan until it melts. When the butter has melted, add garlic, bacon, and red onion to the pan. After that, cook the mixture until all the ingredients are caramelized.

Add the red wine

Once all the ingredients in the pan are caramelized, add some red wine to it. At the same time, you can also add port and other necessary herbs. Once everything has been added, let the liquid simmer on low heat until it reduces to almost half of the original.

For red wine jus, you can use any type of red wine. There’s not much difference in taste when it comes to sauces made with different kinds of red wine. Yet if you have someone in your family who has a particular taste, you can add the red wine they’d like. 

Add and cook the stock

At this point, you should add the stock. Keep in mind that red wine jus can be prepared with any kind of stock as long as it is fresh. Once the stock is added, again let it simmer until it reduces to half. By this time the sauce should be thick enough to coat the spatula.

If the sauce is not as thick as it should be, simply let it cook a little more on low heat until it reaches the consistency that you require.

Taste and serve

In the end, taste the sauce to check if it needs any more spices. Everyone has a different level of spice tolerance, so if you are serving other people try not to add too many spices. Add some salt, if not already added. Then take it off the heat and pour it into a beautiful container. Your freshly made red wine jus is ready for the steak.


Just pour the red wine jus over your delicious steak and enjoy. If you have guests over for a home party, this could be the best recipe for you to make a simple yet elegant dinner for them.