Chic Holiday Décor Ideas You Can Actually Afford

The holiday season has arrived, and celebrators are already getting into the Christmas spirit. Furthermore, businesses are gifting their customers a Christmas decorations sale to celebrate the holidays. Still, these decorations need to be stored somewhere, and people usually use their garage or shed. Shedstore reviews will give you insight into sheds and help you determine if a shed is the right storage idea for you. 

Christmas decorations can get pricey; fortunately, there are ways you can decorate your home which is affordable yet fashionable. So don’t be shy to unleash your inner interior designer with these chic holiday decor ideas that you can actually afford. 

Create an eye-catching centrepiece

Centrepieces are the perfect decoration for the dinner table on Christmas Day, but they can be expensive. For a cheaper alternative, stack your cake stands on the table and decorate with leftover ornaments and fresh or dried fruit for a festive and decorative centrepiece. In addition, the fruit will make the room smell of the festive season. If you don’t have any cake stands, you can use garlands, ornaments, and lights or candles to make a fashionable centrepiece. 

Paper baubles

The extravagant and fancy baubles can be expensive; however, paper baubles are a cheaper alternative that looks stunning.  You can hang your paper baubles from the ceiling or hang them on your Christmas tree. In addition, paper baubles are an easy way to fill empty spaces. You can make these paper baubles with whatever coloured paper you wish to fit your style and the season’s theme. 

Decorate with candles or string lights

Candles and string lights are affordable decorations that add a festive touch anywhere you need them. So place some candles on your dining room table and shelves. Furthermore, candles come in various shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect candles to give your holiday decor a fashionable look. 

If candles aren’t for you, you can use string lights to create the same captivating effect. Furthermore, string lights are a versatile decorative item, so you can use them to decorate many different parts of your home. 

DIY Garland

You can make your own fashionable garland with inexpensive materials! For example, you can make a garland with scarves, handkerchiefs, and leftover fabric. This garland is a great way to add your own touch to your decorations and can be used as a mantelpiece or to wrap around your stairwell. 

Vase with Christmas decorations

If you want an affordable Christmas decoration that will make a statement, fill a vase with various Christmas decorations like ornaments and string lights. This unique decoration idea will be a beautiful sight and a great way to add a stylish touch to your home. In addition, you can also fill a vase with pinecones and string lights for a beautiful display. Furthermore, fill your vase with white sand and place a candle on top of the sand to make a fashionable light source. 

Final Notes

Overall, Christmas decorations don’t need to be expensive to be chic. There are various ways you can keep your holiday decor affordable yet fashionable. So remember to unleash your inner interior designer this year and decorate your home for the festive season. 

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