Air Conditioning Companies in the Cayman Islands


Located by the tropical Caribbean sea, the Cayman Islands are a popular destination for those who love the warmth and sun. While those who are visiting for short periods of time often have access to on-site pools and cooling systems in the many resorts and guest houses in the islands, those who choose to relocate to Cayman often do not. In Cayman air conditioning is key, as the temperatures soar during the summer months and it can become quite uncomfortable, especially indoors. If you’re looking to get a cooling unit installed in the Cayman Islands, these are the best companies to hire.

Polar Bear Air Conditioning

Polar Bear has been in business for over 15 years, and has a team of dedicated, professional technicians available to accommodate the needs of all types of customers. They offer 24-hour emergency service 7 days a week, as well as an up-front pricing model that freezes the cost of the job, even if the amount of work changes or increases. Polar Bear provides both a/c and refrigeration installation and service in the Cayman Islands, and satisfaction is guaranteed. They have a variety of systems to choose from, including both ductless and high-efficiency models, and clients who join their discount club receive 10% off. They are located at 22 Commercial Avenue in George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman.

Joe’s Air Conditioning

Joe’s is a popular Cayman Islands company that was established over 35 years ago. With a team of professionals who strive to satisfy the needs of both new and returning clients, they offer air conditioning and refrigeration installation and service, as well as repairs and parts. Brand new units are also available for purchase for both commercial and residential properties. Joe’s is located in the Seven Mile Beach area of Grand Cayman.

Universal Air Conditioning

Universal A/C, located in the Red Gate Warehouse of Grand Cayman’s Industrial Park, is one of the top Cayman companies that offers a/c services, including repair, installation and supplies. They have many types of air conditioning and refrigeration units available for purchase, and also service and repair the latter. This company boasts a talented team of mechanics and contractors who are dedicated to serving the individuals and businesses of the Cayman Islands to the best of their ability.

Cayman Air Conditioning and Supply

This Cayman company has been serving the residents of the islands for more than 40 years. Located on Dorcy Drive in Industrial Park, Grand Cayman, they offer a/c unit installation, service and parts and are open Monday through Friday, from 730am until 5pm. In addition to these services, this company is also available for sheet metal fitting, water filtration and purification services, fans, ice machines, air filters and more. They offer factory warranties and are able to locate many hard to find items.

If you’re looking to stay cool this summer, there are many Cayman air conditioning companies that can assist you with purchasing a brand new unit, or repairing or maintaining your current one. The businesses described above are some of the top companies in the islands for these services, and they have many satisfied customers. Making the call is the first step towards a wonderful, comfortable Cayman summer.

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