A Cafeholic’s Guide – Styling Tips For Your Coffee Table!

Coffee tables inspire our style of living and how we go about using the furniture. It is the main point of any living area. Unfortunately, coffee tables are usually underrated. But the truth is that a simple room with ordinary furniture having a marble tabletop in the center can completely change the room’s look. It can make a boring room look classy in no time. The role of a coffee table is to keep the TV remotes, teacups, and ashtrays on it. Styling a coffee table requires focusing on a few tricks that will help you enhance the room’s look. A well-balanced coffee table design completes the room’s look, giving it a better aesthetic view and a neat decorative design. Check the Wakefit website for some trendy designs of coffee tables that would help you style your room.


Know the layout of the room:

The layout of the room has to be decided before you look for the right coffee table. First, choose the place of the sofa set and then the coffee table to fix things in order. The layout should be spacious enough to incorporate the sofa set and the coffee table without any space constraints. Be it a three-seated sofa set with two singles or an L-shaped sofa set, the coffee table should be placed in the center of them for more functionality. Here is a simple thumb rule to decide the space between the sofa set and the wooden coffee table online. All the members sitting on the couch should be able to reach out to the coffee table to keep their teacups without getting up from their place. Such a layout is considered the perfect layout in a room. Also, the size of the coffee table should relatively match the size of the sofa set. Choose the best one that suits your space.


Work on different orientations:

Orientations can create a massive impact on the aesthetic appearance of the room. The room might have only two orientations, but the furniture set up can have as many orientations as possible depending on the space available. There can be diagonals and corners that can adapt to sitting space. Choose the right orientation that looks best for the room. Using the right table for the orientation available is the most crucial factor here. Make sure the coffee table grabs everyone’s attention while entering the room. Displaying different shapes of layouts is a clever way to attract everyone. Choose the right kind of furniture online to adapt to your layout.


Choose one focal point:

The focal point of the room is usually the sofa set or the coffee table. Choose the one that grabs the most attention. Play the rest of the furniture subtle. If you have a bold and attractive sofa set, choose a mildly toned coffee table that matches the rest of the furniture in the room. If your sofa set is also mild then go in for a nice trendy bold coffee table to look attractive and appealing to the eye.


Balance out the rest of the furniture around it:

The idea of a coffee table should complement the rest of the furniture in the room. No furniture should feel too bold or too subtle. Any good design with mild textures will look attractive and cool. Using subtle colors also creates more visual appeal. Choose suitable carpets and rugs that match the coffee tables to look modern and full of life. Match them with indoor plants to bring in more greenery to the room. Apart from this, if you have armchairs, love seats, etc, in the room, make sure your coffee table matches them too. If you have a semi-open roof with a balcony, place a coffee table with a few chairs to make the place look lively. You can have tea or just read a book in this place during the evenings with your family. All the furniture for living room should have an impact on each other. 


Play with heights:

Add different levels to your coffee tables. Be it a glass table or a coffee table, try having two layers to keep your cups and saucers in the top layer and magazines and newspapers in the bottom layer. Try to see through the tabletops for a better look. But if you have kids at home and are afraid of glass tabletops, try wooden ones. You can also choose to place small coffee tables beside your sofa set to hold vintage pieces or a nice lamp for display.


Accessorize them with trendy objects:

The amount of attraction drawn towards a coffee table also depends on the objects or articles. It could be a nice plant with green leaves or a beautiful art piece. Pick the best object to place on your coffee table to be the center of attraction in the room. For example, add an ashtray that looks cool and trendy over the coffee table. You can also choose paperweights that feel unique and attractive to draw everyone’s attraction. You can even pick a nice vase with your favorite flowers to make the room look fresh and colorful. Another idea is to group up different pieces of accessories together to make them look classy on the table.


Mix up shapes:

Use different types of shapes of coffee tables to make them look attractive to the eye. For example, it could be oval, square, rectangular, or round. Sometimes coffee tables can be of a unique shape too. Prefer the best wooden coffee table for the layout of the room. You can find different kinds of furniture for the living room online to match the shape of your coffee table.



A coffee table allows you to experiment with different kinds of arrangements in your living space. It also applies to spaces like balconies and lawns. Anything that has different shapes and looks puzzled is attractive to the human eye. So pick one accordingly. As soon as you order your sofaset online, make sure you pick the coffee table too to match with it.