9 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Edges for 2022


Quartz countertop edges are starting to be more and more in desire. Individuals like to pick out a top rated that has the strengths of a marble edge yet is not as high priced or time-consuming to install.

The moment you pick the correct products, you can have your individual one of a kind edges. With sound shade, you can make it appear classy and also maintain down prices by choosing a affordable edge to install in excess of a a lot more high priced one. Caesarstone has a comprehensive post on quartz countertop edges. You can examine the report by clicking the backlink beneath.

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We have compiled a listing of the 10 most well-liked quartz countertop edges so that you are going to have all the info you have to have about quartz countertop edges, their positive aspects, and down sides.

The Function of Quartz Countertop Edges

Quartz is an really well known option for countertop products. It has been favored thanks to its power, visual appearance, and benefit.

The style attributes of a countertop can have a significant influence on its model, features and protection.

Security is the most important point to look at when picking out a quartz countertop edge. Picking an edge that helps make you and your family members harmless is critical. A countertop edge can be just one of the most dangerous aspects in the kitchen. So, pick sensibly.

9 Most Preferred Quartz Countertop Edges

Fifty percent bullnose edge

This variety of edge has a round edge profile. Most householders like this kind of edge because it is quick to put in. Its size is great for a modern day kitchen area. It is very good to be aware that half bullnose edges are applied in huge kitchens.

If it will come to disadvantages, it is not tall enough. This style of edge suits completely in a fashionable kitchen area. It is the finest quartz countertop edge for a huge kitchen area. The gray tone of Carrara quartz is acceptable for this edge.

Eased edge

Eased edge is regarded as the most well-liked quartz countertop edge. It is a extremely straightforward edge that is incredibly affordable. This edge would be excellent for a kitchen with a fashionable and minimalist layout. It is also a safe and sound edge since it does not have sharp edges.

Beveled Edge

The beveled edge is a popular design and style that attributes a slight angle in the countertop edge. It’s a easy and classy search that can be utilised in the two a kitchen and a bathroom.

This design is very very low-upkeep and is excellent for individuals who like to clean up and sustain their kitchen area or lavatory counter tops, as it is quick to wipe down.

The beveled edge model looks extremely sharp and angular and is wonderful in modern models. It can also be utilized in older households that have a modern day look. The beveled edge fashion can also be employed in kitchens with a modern day look, where a extra conventional edge fashion is desired. A beveled edge also offers bogs a fashionable glance.

Laminated edge

This quartz countertop edge is made of laminated stone. It is a style of quartz countertop edge that will make it quick to clean up. This is 1 of the motives why it is also one particular of the most well-liked quartz countertop edges. It is also extremely uncomplicated to manage.

Ogee Edge

The ogee edge is a classic style with a rounded corner comparable to a beveled edge. The ogee edge appears to be tasteful, but it is a tiny a lot more costly than a beveled edge. It’s also a minimal more difficult to clean up and preserve than a beveled edge or a basic rounded edge.

Nevertheless, the ogee edge is a basic look that can be observed in equally modern and regular kitchens and bogs.

Waterfall edge

The waterfall edge is a sleek, fashionable edge that appears excellent in a modern day kitchen area. This edge is quite tall and slender, so it’s best suited to a modern-day kitchen.

This edge is a excellent alternative if you prefer a fashionable glimpse to your kitchen area. It also looks very modern and modern-day. When it arrives to cleansing, it is a tiny additional difficult than the other designs.

Mitered edge

A mitered edge is similar to an eased edge. It has a gentle slope that provides the quartz countertop a clean and polished appear. This edge is perfect if you want to give the quartz countertop edge a polished feel.

You can select a colour that will deliver out your decor. Consequently, it is a wonderful choice for any decor. When it will come to a con, the mitered edge is rather expensive.

However, the charge will go up if you pick to widen it. The greatest portion is that mitered edge will not restrict your measurements. It can be installed with any quartz countertop edges.

Double ogee edge countertop

A double ogee edge is just a two-layered ogee edge. It is two curves stacked on top rated of each other, so you can use this in a slightly scaled-down or much larger house than the typical ogee edge. Double ogee edge is a best decision if you are in adore with the ogee edge but feel like it is a very little as well official for your kitchen.

Full bullnose

This edge is related to the 50 percent bullnose mainly because it has a gentle, gradual slope. The 50 % bullnose edge is the most flexible simply because it can healthy a broad assortment of decor. It is the fastest way to install a quartz countertop mainly because you can put it collectively without having any resources.

It is also risk-free, particularly if you have little ones around. The full bullnose edge is the most popular due to the fact of its flexibility. This edge can be used to make your house both of those official and relaxed.


In this information, you have read about quartz countertop edges most preferred and extensively utilised in kitchens. Selecting the appropriate quartz countertop edge can have a massive impact on your kitchen. It is significant to contemplate the pros and disadvantages of just about every and pick out the greatest a single. We suggest you pick a design that will match your kitchen area and your model.


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