8 Things Happening In The Design World That Have Us All Real Excited…So You Should Know Too

8 Things Happening In The Design World That Have Us All Real Excited…So You Should Know Too

The design world has been pumping out great news nonstop and it’s all too good not to make sure all of you know too! It’s especially exciting when new collections come out because while you or I may not be in the market for anything new, it’s so incredible to see the love and creativity these designers pour into their new work. We also figured that today might be one of those fun/hectic days given that it’s Halloween and a fun quick post might be the most appreciated:) So grab a piece (or two) of candy to eat while you stare at some really good eye candy.

Carmen Ellis Studio’s Illumination Series

design by julie rose | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: julie’s huge (and diy packed) bedroom upgrade

You may remember Carmen Ellis from Julie’s MOTO bedroom a few years back. Carmen is the designer of that incredible footed planter. It’s so fun and unexpected while still being beautiful and clearly handcrafted. Actually, every piece is made by hand in Los Angeles! Well, last week she announced her new collection, Illumination Series, and it’s stunning. I mean just look below.

Footed Candle Holders | Flora & Fauna Lamps | Face Lamp

I love that she’s working with brass now. How incredible is that table lamp?! And it’s much bigger than it looks. They are almost 3 feet tall! So while not budget-friendly, what a special piece to own if you can. Go check out the rest of the series here!

Max Humphreys’ New Book, Lodge: An Indoorsy Tour of America’s National Parks

Our friend and co-designer of the River House (update coming soon), Max Humphrey, wrote another book! This time it’s all about 10 historic lodgings in different National Parks. What a cool idea to go into these beautiful old lodges and get inspiration from how they look in 2022. Below is a teeny tiny sneak peek.

This would be such a great holiday gift for anyone who loves the outdoors!

Nate And Jeremiah’s New Living Spaces Collection

via living spaces

I know. I can’t believe it either. Did Nate and Jeremiah crack the code and find more hours in the day?? In our last design news post earlier this month, we feature two things they designed/created. Their taste is impeccable so you know when you see their names attached to something you won’t be disappointed. Let me prove this to you by showing you some of my favorite pieces from their newest Living Spaces collection

via living spaces

Yes! The large pieces of furniture in the picture above are from their line and because it’s Living Spaces they are at real affordable price points. I really appreciate when designers like this share their talents and collaborate with companies that really try to make and sell reasonably priced decor. Let’s see what else they’ve got…

Lyon Console Table | Gustav Buffet | Lyon Coffee Table

Love that chunky console table. So pretty and really versatile style-wise. Then that buffet cabinet is so stunning and reminds me of the Athena Calderone Cabinet in her Crate & Barrel collab. Do I smell a trend or are they just great friends that have similar taste?? Oh, and that coffee table is cool! Again, could easily go with a farmhouse or rustic-styled home but with the right accessories could look chic and modern.

Gustav Adjustable End Table | Blakely 32″ Accent Chair | Marion 2 Piece Sectional With Right Arm Facing Chaise

Ok, this stool is dope. Not only is the shape just cool but the seat has an adjustable height! So it can be used as a side table or stool. It comes in a light wood too:) Moving right along. I love the clean shape, color, and fabric they chose for that chair. It’s perfectly Nate and Jeremiah. Then what I love about that sofa is the simple modern shape, but also that wide chaise. I would happily lounge there all day.

Anthropologie’s House Of Hackney Collaboration

This collab was announced only days after our other design news post but boy is it exciting. If you appreciate the neutral tones of most collaborations these days but are yearning for color and pattern, this is your remedy. We love House of Hackney over here. Emily’s chaise was reupholstered in one of their fabrics. So let’s dive in!

Organic Sateen Duvet Cover | Opia Fringed Velvet Pillow | Jacquard Throw Blanket

There is just something about those blue and white sheets that I really love. I think it’s the scale of the pattern and the simple yet moody color palette. It’s a 10/10 for me. Then the gold in this pillow is SO good. And that fringe?? Also almost too good. That blanket may have a lot going on in the pattern but the tonal blues really calms it down while still making it totally interesting to look at.

Coupe Glasses (Set of 4) | Flora Fantasia Jacquard Lampshade | Ice Bucket

Pretty glassware gets me every time and these coups are classic Anthro but with that moody House of Hackney twist. Then they have a bunch of fringed lampshades so this is just one of them! And lastly, how cool is that glass tortious shell ice bucket?? I think Caitlin needs it for her bar, right? 🙂

Colin King’s New Book, Arranging Things

Colin King is absolutely one of my favorite stylists so you bet I’m going to pre-order this book. I really appreciate his textured, minimal, moody vignettes. So if you love beautiful decor books, this should 100% be on your list.

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s SSS Atelier Furniture Collection

You might have seen on Instagram that Sarah Sherman Samuel has launched her own atelier and man is it good. I believe she started with art and now she added furniture which is also verrrry good. Take a peek!

Fort Credenza | Skimming Stones | Ledge Dining Table

That credenza has been on my mind from the moment I say it. Everything about it is perfect but can we talk about those legs and how she placed them?!!!! The other two tables are also just perfect. The scale, the shapes, the little details! I’m really excited to see how she expands:)

deVol Kitchen’s For The Love Of Kitchens Is Coming Back!!!

This was the best news ever! I actually only watched the first season a few months ago and didn’t want it to end. It’s the most lovely, sweet, and inspiring design show out there. No drama, no fighting, just people who love what they do and do it so well. It’s a MUST-WATCH in my opinion.

Amber Lewis’ Visual Comfort Collaboration

I watched Amber’s instastories when she announced this collab and it was so sweet. She told a story about how one of the first nice lights she bought was from Visual Comfort and that this meant a lot to her. I think those type of stories are the best and are only made better when the collection is also great. And as you will soon tell this is a great story…

Bernard 14″ Pendant | Griffin Grande Linear Chandelier | Cyrus Medium Articulating Wall Light

Simple, elegant, but approachable. Most of the light fixtures have at least one additional color option but these are all my favorites:) That wall sconce is so pretty and simple, yet still looks a bit utilitarian.

Dume Large Arched Floor Lamp | Ruby Medium Table Lamp | Laken Small Desk Lamp

How cool is that giant floor lamp? She took something so simple and elevated it by exaggerating the curve and using a big shade. The other two table lamps are so versatile and pretty that they could go in almost any room, in any style. They are keepers for sure:)

Ok, that’s all the news we have for today. Any thoughts on any of these collections??

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Home and Design by Ben Medansky | Styled by Velinda Hellen & Erik Staalberg | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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