Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design – Marin County Dream Home

Lauren and Don Fornes were living with their four children in Austin, Texas, when they were faced with a serious life event. Their infant son suffered a brain injury, resulting in a form of blindness called cortical visual impairment. Needing extra help, they moved back to the San Francisco Bay area, where the couple had first met and still had a strong group of old friends.

The Forneses have always loved design, and in Austin they had hired ELLE Decor A-List designer Darryl Carter, who is known for his spare interiors, to decorate their home. But their son’s loss of vision was pushing them in a different direction. “Although we had lived in this beautiful monochromatic home that I loved,” Lauren says, “I suddenly was very interested in color and introducing it into our new house in a way that felt authentic.”

The New England–style home in Marin County

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Residential And Commercial Garage Door

The garage door is made for both residential and commercial use. 

The door comes in many different styles, colors, and textures. It can be made of wood, aluminum, steel, and glass. The garage door can be made into a sectional, rolling steel door, or even a sliding door.

Buying aGarage Door

You can buy a garage door through a private dealer, the Internet, and even at your local store. 

At this moment in time, with the advancement of technology and style in the garage door that is cost-effective. 

You can find single garage doors, double garage doors, and a combination of single and double garage doors installed in your home and business. 

No matter what the weather is like hot, rain, and snow, you can open the garage door with ease nowadays with the garage door opener’s technology. 

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