10 DIY Projects You Can Finish During the Weekend


No doubt, we all want to make our houses cozy, and the best way to do this is to bring something new and unusual to the interior. Let’s agree: it’s often hard to find in stores something original and reflecting your taste. Plus, items from shopping malls lack the soul that handmade things have.

Figurines, vases, candlesticks, paintings – all of these can greatly change the atmosphere at home. Even more, you don’t need a designer to fill your house with something extraordinary. Just turn to your creativity and some simple yet appealing ideas. DIY items are always better than bought ones: after all, handmade is heart-made. That is why we decided to collect some great projects which you can finish over the weekend. But before you start, make sure you have enough free time. Check out paper writing help by WritePaper to make sure you have all your grades under control. Indeed, you will definitely need peace of mind to unleash your creative potential. So, are you ready to implement the coolest ideas?

Vintage Suitcase


An old suitcase will become a highlight in the interior of a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. In addition, you can also store things in it. It is enough to cover a chosen suitcase with fabric and paper, decorate the edges with lace, ribbons, or braid, and your project is ready.

To create such a stunning vintage composition, as you see in the picture, you need:

• Décor paper;

• Lace;

• Tapes;

• Vintage photos or cards;

• Fabric for decoration.

Triangular Photo Frames

Let’s agree, plenty of photos on the walls can be too much, but you can easily arrange them in collages and create triangular frames. To do this, you need to make a wooden base from a wide board. Then, paint the edges with the paint you prefer and cut out the photo. Stick them on the board, and voila, the atmosphere in your bedroom is much warmer.

Shiny Sneakers

Do you love to spend time in the garden but quickly get your favorite sneakers dirty? We have a solution for you! 

Take any old pair of canvas sneakers and transform them with a simple idea. Why not make them sparkle? This will certainly cheer you up, and the guests will definitely pay attention to them.


Take red and gold glitter and glue – that’s all you need. Place paper inside your fabric sneakers to keep the shoes in shape and prevent glitter from getting inside. Cover them with glue and glitter at once so that the glue doesn’t have time to dry.

3D Glowing Text

A glowing sign has been a hit in recent years, so we cannot but include it in the list.

Here’s what you need: thick cardboard, thin cardboard, stationery knife, ruler, pencil, hole punch, brush, glue, spray paint, narrow tape, box, garland.

  • Draw a letter on thick cardboard, then cut it out. Make the whole text in the same way;
  • Make holes for light bulbs around each letter using a hole punch;
  • Cut thin cardboard into strips 5 cm wide and glue each letter;
  • Put the letters in a box and spray them on all sides;
  • Lay out the text, inserting the lights on the reverse side of the letters and securing everything with duct tape.

So, 5 steps and your glowing letters are ready!

Confetti Vase

Inflate the balloon, and then use stationery glue and a brush to apply several layers of confetti to half of the sphere. The more layers you make, the thicker the vase’s sides will be. Let the glue dry for at least ten hours. Next, remove the balloon by releasing the air. Also, you can cut the finished edges so that they are even, and your new vase is ready! 


Ebook’s Cover

Do you have a well-preserved binding from an old book? So, let’s not let it gather dust on the shelf! Glue the felt lining and elastic clamps for an ebook to it. As a result, you will get a hybrid of paper and e-books.

Painting In Headboard

An exclusive solution for a minimalist bedroom is a headboard with something you create yourself. Just make a sketch (it doesn’t have to be perfect – just use your imagination) or print the drawing you like. A blank sheet of plywood, 5-6 cm larger than the print, will be your frame. Use glue to secure the design to the plywood, then hang it on the wall. Yes, it may sound quite simple, but the effect will be amazing!


Have you noticed that it is hard to imagine a truly welcoming home without candles? And before you go to Ikea searching for them, check out our ideas. 

Turn An Old Jar Into A Candle

There are candlesticks of all shades and sizes, but here’s what few people have heard of. Place candles in old jars (from tea or coffee) or pour wax into a jar to create your own candle. Be sure to use a hot plate as the metal can heat up and damage the surface underneath.

Finished Eating A Pumpkin Or Pineapple? Don’t Throw Them Out Right Away

Why not make a candle out of… fruits? This DIY candle idea is best for autumn when pumpkins are truly everywhere. Just pour the wax into a fairly hard pumpkin or pineapple, and your new interior detail is ready.

Give a Second Life to an Old Cup

Have you ever had a cup that you rarely drank from? Such things can be stored in the closet for years, but they can have an interesting use. Pour wax right into it – and if the cup has a floral pattern, it will look super romantic.

To Wrap It Up

As you can see, there is no limit to creativity and imagination. The ideas we mentioned are quite easy and won’t require a lot of money or effort on your part. It’s also great that they give a second life to your old things, which means they will save your home from clutter. As a result, living in it will be even more pleasant.


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