Yes, Your Hardwood Floors Can Improve Indoor Air Quality


Seeking for a balanced flooring option for your residence? Want to make improvements to your indoor air good quality? All paths guide to hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring is a fantastic option when you’re ready to deliver timeless splendor, heat, and magnificence to any home in your dwelling. It is also a good choice if you want eco-friendly and allergy-friendly flooring.

As opposed to other choices, hardwood flooring don’t harbor dirt, pollutants, or contaminants. But there is an art in deciding upon the proper hardwood flooring options.

What is an allergy?

Allergy symptoms are fairly popular in the US. Close to 50 million men and women in the US by itself expertise allergy symptoms just about every 12 months.

An allergy is caused by an immune method reaction to a international compound named an allergen. Allergens take on all sorts. You can have a reaction to anything you try to eat, contact, inject, or inhale. The impact can contain sneezing, a runny nose, scratchy throat, hives, or rashes. In critical circumstances, it can decrease blood pressure, bring about asthma assaults, or even demise if not treated immediately.

How hardwood flooring participate in a portion in indoor air good quality

When most people assume about air high-quality, they imagine about matters that specifically affect the air offer. If you gentle a candle, the fumes penetrate the air you breathe. If you spray a chemical cleaner to wipe down a table, the spray enters the air supply.

Yes, Your Hardwood Floors Can Improve Indoor Air QualityYour air provide is managed by your HVAC process. Each time the furnace or air conditioner turns on, conditioned air flows via the air flow process, and out into each place in your household. It can select up anything else close by, such as the candle scent or chemical spray.

Nonetheless indoor air good quality goes deeper than what is freely shifting close to your household. It is also what is launched in other strategies.

Like your flooring.

Indoor air excellent can be impacted by every thing about your flooring. What it is manufactured of. The adhesives applied for installation. The finishes applied after it is in put.

What are VOCs?

You simply cannot speak about healthy flooring devoid of a discussion on VOCs.

VOC stands for risky organic and natural compounds. According to the EPA, VOCs are compounds that have a significant vapor pressure and small drinking water solubility. They are emitted as gasses from certain liquids or solids, and consist of a wide variety of chemical substances, some of which may possibly have adverse overall health consequences.

In total, all-around 1200 VOCs have been identified. And numerous of them are utilized in the products and resources we use every working day.

  • Acetone
  • Acetic acid
  • Butanal
  • Ethanol
  • Alcohol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dichloromethane

VOCs are a component of lifestyle. They are in typical substances these as paint, cleansing products, and cigarette smoke. They are in our constructing components and the home furniture we use in our houses.

Consciousness is avoidance. It’s what lets you to make better selections as a purchaser.

The most common VOCs in a property

Within households throughout the Entrance Array, you’ll come across three of the most toxic VOCs lurking in things you use each individual day:

Formaldehyde – there are two kinds of formaldehyde: phenol and urea. Phenol is non-harmful, and is frequently employed in cabinetry, maritime-quality plywood, and significant-conclude home furnishings. Urea is just one of the most poisonous VOCs, and is used in all types of developing components, which includes paneling, flooring, and other residence furnishings. You can lower publicity by sealing all uncovered surfaces.

Benzene – it is a prevalent chemical identified in tobacco smoke, stored fuels, paint, solvents, and emissions from your vehicles. Refinishing a floor can produce superior amounts of benzene.

Methylene chloride – this is current in matters like paint strippers, adhesives, and aerosol spray paints and finishes. The human entire body converts methylene chloride to carbon monoxide, which can guide to carbon monoxide poisoning when significant concentrations are existing.

When you know these are present, you can acquire ideal motion to lower their influence. For occasion, you can use aerosol spray paints outdoors and with a confront mask firmly in place to lessen their impression.

The issues will come when you aren’t aware of their existence, as grew to become evident in a 2015 report the place Lumber Liquidators were being caught marketing Chinese-produced laminate flooring that contained large stages of formaldehyde.

Hardwood flooring can improve indoor air excellent

If you want to find flooring safe for your household, small in VOCs, and a much healthier option for setting up in your house, hardwood is a great alternative.

But to obtain the ideal item for your home, you’ll have to do a tiny investigation.

Natural wooden flooring will be a single of your most secure choices. But you do have to seem at the full manufacturing process.

Wood does consist of pure terpenes. They are protected, but they do effect really delicate persons. The scent you get from a pine tree would be an illustration.

Flooring also is made up of a wide variety of chemicals from processing. Shell out focus to finishes, glues, baseboards, underlayments, and other output supplies created from zero or very low VOCs.

You can also come across suppliers that fulfill guidelines via different certification applications to guarantee the generation method is secure. Courses involve:

The leading hardwood flooring brands will comply with these laws and much more. You can do your research right before you store, or get the job done with just one of our associates to establish the right hardwood product or service best to accommodate your desires.

Are you prepared to store for hardwood flooring?

If you want an eco-welcoming, green flooring preference that will assistance your home be the safest position it can be, glance no more than hardwood flooring. It’s the first option for quite a few householders due to the fact of its traditional fantastic appears. Enhancing indoor air top quality is an additional gain.

You’ll enjoy hardwood simply because it is:

  • A tough choice
  • It’s purely natural
  • It is easy to clean and keep
  • It is really effective at cutting down contaminants
  • It does not include VOCs

How can we assist you locate hardwood flooring ideal for your house?


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