This Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Fan Also Functions As Your Phone


A Bluetooth bathroom speaker fan can completely reshape your morning routine and make it more efficient.

You already have to turn on the vent fan while showering to reduce humidity and improve indoor air quality — why not enjoy relaxing music during a scrub-down? Plan your day? Check voicemail?

This newest addition to your smart home can do that and much more.

Jodi Marks, pictured with a ReVent Smartphone Connected fan, at The Home Depot.

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The ReVent Smartphone Connected Fan includes a music control and works with Apple and Android phones. It has dual-microphone technology and is Bluetooth-connected — so it acts as your phone away from your phone!

Here are some other features:

  • Use Siri or Google Assistant to stream some tunes while you get ready for the day.
  • Need to check voicemail? Ask the ReVent Smartphone Connected Fan to connect you with either digital assistant.
  • If someone calls while you’re shaving, easily answer it and talk through the smart speaker fan.
  • Wondering if you need to bring an umbrella with you? Ask about the weather while you’re getting ready.
  • Not sure if you have time to make an extra cup of coffee? Ask how long the drive to work is.

In addition to its convenience, don’t forget this Bluetooth bathroom speaker fan also improves your indoor air quality. 

In fact, that’s its most important feature.

Ventilation in the bathroom is a must to keep moist air outside your home so mold and mildew won’t grow. This fan vents humid air quietly at just .8 sones — about the same level of noise as a kitchen refrigerator. 

The designer shield cover adds a modern look and it’s easy to clean. Plus, it’s paintable, so you can customize it to match your bathroom style.

And you don’t have to climb into the attic to install it. Handle the job from inside the bathroom using ReVent’s Sheet Locks that attach directly to the ceiling drywall.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product! 

Find the ReVent Smartphone Connected Fan at The Home Depot.

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