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Cozy lounge outside

Cozy lounge outside

Whether you want to wind down after a long day at work or feel like relaxing with family and friends, having an outside patio is the perfect solution. Furnish your patio today with the finest outdoor furniture of 2022 and create that warm and inviting feel you have always wanted!

Outdoor furniture brings the comfort of home outside while also being resistant to the elements of nature. That said, not all outdoor furniture sets are of equal quality. Unfortunately, many of the available options fail to live up to their advertised capabilities, but we found some high-quality ones that do!

After some thorough research, we’ve handpicked five outdoor furniture sets worth your money. Take a look!

Top Picks

Best for couples: Devoko Outdoor Garden Furniture Set

This porch furniture set can withstand the test of time and high temperature

This porch furniture set can withstand the test of time and high temperature

Devoko follows the saying “less is more” and delivers one of the best valued Outdoor Furniture Sets on the market.

It includes two chairs and one coffee table, the perfect bistro set for any couple. Plus, their smaller footprint is ideal for balconies and porches.

The real value of this set, however, is in its quality. Both chairs and the table have sturdy steel frames and comfortable PE rattan wicker. The chairs are topped with comfy sponge cushions, while the table has a tempered glass top. If you’re looking for a minimal outdoor furniture set that will last you a long time, this is the one.

Key Features:

Best value: Best Choice Products Wicker Outdoor Furniture

The perfect way to enhance your backyard, balcony, patio, and other outdoor sitting spaces

The perfect way to enhance your backyard, balcony, patio, and other outdoor sitting spaces

This Best Choice Products Outdoor Furniture set is everything you want from a set like this.

It includes two chairs, a loveseat and one double-length table. It’s big enough for a small get-together or relaxing with your loved ones and is great for smaller patios and backyards.

The table and the chairs have ultra-durable powder-coated steel frames that are also weather-resistant. The brown rattan wicker provides an ideal balance of long-lasting durability and comfort. Lastly, the vibrant red back cushions on the single chairs are the icing on this comfy outdoor furniture cake.

Key Features:

Best aesthetics: Wisteria Lane Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

This relaxing feeling can ease a worried mind and soothe a tired body while you enjoy the outdoors with family and friends

This relaxing feeling can ease a worried mind and soothe a tired body while you enjoy the outdoors with family and friends

Wisteria Lane offers one of the most aesthetic Outdoor Furniture Sets out there.

The primary construction material is steel and rattan wicker, just like most other quality outdoor furniture sets, but what sets this one apart is its attention to detail. The chair armrests’ are extra-wide, giving them a cozy feel, and the rattan wicker is woven to perfection by hand.

Its visual beauty is not the only reason to buy this set, but for its high-quality construction materials as well. The steel frame is strong enough to last you for years.

Key Features:

Best for social gatherings: U-MAX Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Crafted with high-quality brown resin wicker and powder coated steel

Crafted with high-quality brown resin wicker and powder coated steel

Outdoor Furniture Sets with two or even four chairs are fine for most folks, but for those who need even more sitting space, this 7-piece set is the way to go.

It includes four armless sofas, two corner sofas and one large coffee table. These sofas can be used individually or assembled in unique combinations depending on your needs. The coffee table has the perfect dimensions to fit in the middle of most configurations.

The biggest reason to consider this outdoor furniture set is its minimalistic style. The light brown sofa cushions blend perfectly with the dark brown rattan wicker construction, giving it a natural look. The lack of vibrant elements gives you the freedom to spice it up with colorful cushions and table decorations.

Key Features:

  • Fits 4-6 people

  • Water repellant

  • Easy to clean

Best for entertaining: DINELI Outdoor Furniture Set With Fire Pit

Outdoor sectional sofa set offers a modular design, that makes it possible for flexibility with numerous arrangement options

Outdoor sectional sofa set offers a modular design, that makes it possible for flexibility with numerous arrangement options

The DINELI Outdoor Furniture Set defines luxury. It is the most expensive set on our list of the best, and for a good reason.

The first thing that makes this set worth your hard-earned money is its comfort. The six sofas in this set are beautiful and spacious, with the cushions being plush and comfortable.

The second reason to consider this set is the unique fire pit table. Yes, a fire pit! The table on this outdoor furniture set has a built-in fire pit in the middle for a propane fire. The fire pit is hooked up to an easy-to-operate electric igniter and has a detachable wind guard made from glass. It also includes a cover for the fire pit when it’s not in use.

Key Features:

Outdoor furniture buying guide – What you need to know

Outdoor furniture is not something that many people think about until they are in a position to buy it for their homes. By then, they don’t know anything about what to look for or how to keep up with the maintenance. Fortunately, both of these concepts are simple to grasp, with only a few key points to keep in mind.

Buying the right outdoor furniture

Here are some important details to consider before buying your first outdoor furniture set.


The first factor you should think about is the size of the set you need. Most outdoor furniture sets come with either two, four, or six sofas/chairs and the one best for you depends on two factors.

First, consider your primary use of outdoor furniture. Do you have a big family or like to host parties? Think about how many people will be using your outdoor furniture at once and decide on the number of chairs from there. Secondly, measure the patio/terrace space you have and note down the maximum size of chairs and tables you can fit. Try to leave some room around the furniture as you don’t want it too cramped.

Construction material

The construction material of outdoor furniture varies from brand to brand, but the three most common materials are metal, plastic and rattan, each with its own pros and cons.


All-metal outdoor furniture is ideal for aesthetics. It looks the most premium and has a sturdy vibe to it. Unfortunately, metal also corrodes under the weather, and it is often too heavy to move around every time it rains.


Plastic outdoor furniture tends to be fairly inexpensive. Its low cost makes it ideal for folks who want something cheap to make their backyard more usable. However, most plastic furniture is also not that good in the long run. It deteriorates in the sun and will most likely start breaking after a few months of regular use.


Rattan is the most popular material for outdoor furniture, and for a good reason. Combined with a steel frame and a wicker weave, rattan is both comfortable and durable. It holds up pretty well under all kinds of weather conditions and can last for years without much maintenance. Many consider this to be the best material for outdoor furniture.

Unique features

The standard outdoor furniture set usually comes with just a table, a couple of chairs and maybe a sofa. For most people, these features are more than enough, but for those who enjoy additional luxuries, there are many sets that are unique and include amazing features.

A great example is the sets that include a gas fire pit that’s built into the table. All it needs is a propane tank, and your patio is now warm and cozy all year-long. Similarly, some sets include matching umbrellas and ample storage space.

Taking care of your outdoor furniture

High-quality outdoor furniture designs can withstand the elements of nature, but even so, there is some up-keep maintenance involved for maximum lifespan. Here are a few guidelines to help you care for your outdoor furniture.

Store in the shade if possible

The UV light from the sun is terrible for any outdoor furniture, no matter if it is plastic, wood, metal, or rattan. So, try to keep your outdoor furniture away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Don’t let it stay wet

Outdoor furniture sets are generally water-resistant, especially ones made from rattan wicker. The cushions, however, absorb moisture and then stay lightly wet for days causing mildew and mold. So, one option is to take the cushions inside when it rains, or an even better idea is to cover the chairs and the table with a plastic sheet or tarp.

Keep it clean, but with care

Keeping your outdoor furniture clean is one of the best things you can do to increase its lifespan. However, this cleaning needs to be gentle. A soft bristle brush and wet paper towels are all you should need in most cases. Do not power wash your outdoor furniture or use items like bleach, pine oil, or abrasive cleaners on it.

Outdoor furniture FAQs

Q: How can I clean the cushions of my outdoor furniture?

A: Cushions in most quality outdoor furniture sets feature a removable zippered cover that is machine washable for easy cleaning. Most removable covers can go in the dryer, but it needs to be on the lowest heat setting to prevent damage.

Q: Will my rattan wicker outdoor furniture deteriorate in the sun?

A: Unlike plastic, rattan wicker furniture is quite resistant to the UV rays from the sun. However, it is still not 100% resilient. Putting the furniture under shade is the best option. Alternatively, you can also cover it with a large light-colored sheet when it’s not in use.

Q: Can I use outdoor furniture inside?

A: You can. If it matches the aesthetic of your home, then go for it!


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