Inside a Paris Design Couple’s “Theater of Objects”

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the multilayered Paris apartment of antique dealer and designer Philippe Rapin and his partner in crime, former lifestyle editor Sylvie de Chirée. On the fifth floor of a Right Bank building built in 1910, this ever-curious duo have created a space somewhere between a design laboratory and a cabinet of curiosities. Nothing is off limits, and De Chirée describes their refuge as a “theater of objects.”

De Chirée has lived in the apartment for “a very long time,” she says. The large space—with five bedrooms and two baths—housed her family and now, with all of the children grown and out on their own, it has become home to the couple again. “A reflection of Philippe’s eclectic universe, a creative place, and an extension of his gallery,” De Chirée adds. The former fashion and lifestyle editor is quick to point out that the original decoration

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How to bring the Italian design into your home

Bring the trend into your home whether it's decorating your walls, floors or storage solutions: iStock/The Independent
Bring the trend into your home whether it’s decorating your walls, floors or storage solutions: iStock/The Independent

Terrazzo might not be the first word that springs to mind when imagining your dream home decor, but we guarantee you’ve seen it all over Instagram.

Hailing from Italy, terrazzo was originally used for flooring in Italian palazzos and over time has emerged from its grand birthplace to our kitchen counters and worktops.

Milly Parazo of TerrazzoParazo, who hand makes her own terrazzo inspired homeware pieces told The Independent: “Terrazzo means terrace or place of encounter and was allegedly developed when mosaics craftspeople realised that marble chips became a resilient surface when trodden into the ground.”

According to Athina Bluff, designer at online interiors service, Topology Interiors, it’s made up of chippings from materials such as marble, granite, quartz, shell and glass, making it cheap to manufacture and gives an artisanal

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Gifts And Donations

What Is The Impact Of My Donation?

Unlike Ruby, Gary decides to donate his partially refunded membership to the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), which is a DGR, via his football membership. Gary is provided with a receipt from the ASF for the amount of his donation and might claim an $eighty five tax deduction. You can only claim a tax deduction for gifts or donations to organisations which have the status of deductible reward recipients (DGRs). The football membership offers members a refund of $85, taking into account the truth that some advantages of their membership have been used in the short season. Ruby chooses to donate her $eighty five refund back to her club to assist them.

Your Donation:

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New Crocker Park Businesses Design Socially-Distant Spaces

WESTLAKE, OH — American retail has had to shift many of its longstanding patterns to give customers a safe space to shop during the age of COVID-19. Crocker Park’s newest tenants are adjusting quickly.

“Because they have the opportunity to build their spaces from scratch, they are developing them with social distancing in mind and directly incorporating new concepts that provide a more safe, secure shopping/dining experience,” said Ezra Stark, COO of Stark Enterprises, in a statement.

Businesses are creating dedicated spaces for sanitizing stations, partitioning elements and spatially aware checkouts. Stores are changing their customer flow to maximize spacing and optimizing their online delivery and pick-up options, Stark said.

Crocker Park is in the process of welcoming several new additions, including: Aerie, DryGoods and Lovesac, which are all slated for summer openings. World Market is expected to open its doors in early winter and buybuyBABY should greet customers this

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