How to Design a Bedroom: The Ultimate Guide


Did you know your bedroom can impact your sleep quality? You could change up your bedroom design and transform it into an oasis. If you need some tips to design a bedroom, check out some of these ideas.

In this guide, you’ll learn what furniture to buy for your room. You might want to paint your room a new color or buy a new rug. Consider your bedroom and how to maximize the space.

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Add a Colorful Rug

One way to warm up cold floors in the winter is to pick up a plush rug.

Ideally, the rug should extend around the edges of your bed. It will add a pop of color to your space and serve a function. Measure your room, so you know the right size to buy.

Add Plants to Your Room

Plants will add a touch of serenity to any room.

You can pick up small potted plants on floating shelves or install a hook to the ceiling. Hang a potted fern from the top. Some people will pick up a sizeable tropical or jade plant and put it in a woven basket or clay pot.

Consider a Subtle Color

Is your bedroom a bright red or purple? You might want to swap out your bolder color and choose a soothing shade. You could choose a monochromatic tone that’s gentle.

To help make your room cozy, consider a rich jewel-toned hue. Try topaz, deep pomegranate, or a warm brown. If you want a serene color, consider green, blue, or lavender hues.

What About the Ceiling?

Most of the time, homeowners forget about decorating the ceiling. You could paint the ceiling a lighter color than your walls if you want. Some people will add a subtle pattern as well.

If you don’t want to change the color of the ceiling, add different architectural elements. You could install new moldings or add a stunning rustic beam. Buy a sparkling crystal chandelier or install a vintage fixture.

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For an elegant touch, invest in a canopy or tented bed. The dressing can hang from your ceiling, adding warmth and texture to your room.

Avoid Cluttering Your Room

Your bedroom should appear neat and organized, no matter your style. You want to avoid filling your room up with too much furniture.

Leave three feet between your bed and the side walls. You should have two feet between your mattress and any low furniture.

Pick up furniture items that you will need. Avoid adding other things because you risk making it look cluttered and messy.

If you choose to decorate your room, pick up a few items. Don’t cover the walls with family photos or different art pieces.

If you need to buy new furniture, sit down with a floor plan. It would help if you had the measurements of the available space in your bedroom. This way, you won’t buy a piece of furniture that’s too large.

Add New Storage Options

You can improve the atmosphere in your room by adding more storage. Storage options will allow you to remove clutter and mess from your bedroom, keeping it neat.

Pick a bedside table that has drawers. You can tuck away reading glasses, books, or other knick-knacks.

Some people will buy a storage bench for the foot of their bed. You could store your bed’s blankets, sheets, and spare pillows there.

Another option is to add a headboard around your bed. Install sliding panels so you can hide away different accessories.

Many people will maximize the space below their bed by adding slim storage containers below. You can slip them out of sight.

Consider Setting up a Reading Nook

Some people will create a comfortable reading nook in their bedroom. If you love to read before bed, you should set this area up.

Pick a comfortable chair. You should also have soft ambient lighting strong enough to read before bed.

Invest in Luxury Sheets or Linen

One way to transform your bedroom into an oasis is to buy stunning sheets for your bed.

You’ll add comfort and elegance by investing in linen or 100 percent cotton sheets. You’ll feel as if you’ve slipped into a five-star hotel bed when heading to bed.

Pure white bedroom with amazing white furniture

If you need a new bed, make sure you research different mattresses. You don’t want to invest in expensive sheets and put them on an old, lumpy mattress. Buy mattresses that will last.

Pick up a cashmere throw for your reading nook chair. Add a splash of color to your windows by picking up silk draperies or a silk bed canopy.

Add Different Layers of Lighting

For your bedroom, try layering the lighting options. Pick up small lamps for reading in bed or accent lights to brighten the walls.

Try installing dimmer switches for all your lighting options.

Get Ready to Design a Bedroom

Don’t forget this guide on how to design a bedroom.

Use these different bedroom ideas for your upcoming project. You could paint the walls a calm pale blue or green. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your room, invest in expensive bed sheets.

Remember, try not to overcrowd your room with large furniture or unnecessary accessories. You want your bedroom to be an oasis for the end of the day.

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