Host Amanda Keller wrangles Dr Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and Barry Du Bois in another season of The Living Room | Western Advocate


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If you have ever tried to wrangle a bunch of boisterous, fun-loving lads, welcome to The Living Room host Amanda Keller’s world. “Sometimes [settling presenters Dr Chris Brown, Barry Du Bois and Miguel Maestre] it’s like herding cats,” Keller says. “There are days when it’s really hard, after a full day on radio and other commitments, to come onto the set. “Some days Miguel’s energy will save me, but other times I have to say ‘Miguel can you just give me a minute?’. “What you see is what you get – Miguel’s energy is real. When you sit next to him on an airplane it’s the most embarrassing hour and a half you can ever spend. “We are a gaggle of quirky characters and I’m like a school teacher trying to wrangle the naughty kids. Keller says she believes the show is so popular for that very reason. “Even though we are friends, you have to remember the guys are experts in their field.” The promo for this year’s The Living Room has The Easybeats’ Friday on My Mind on loop in this writer’s head. It’s a cracker and the ‘Fab Four’ obviously had a blast doing it. “You know so many people have said to me ‘do you get paid to do that?’. We had so much fun making that. I particularly liked the boys in their high heels struggling to walk. I said to them ‘welcome to the Logies red carpet’. “Miguel’s miming is hilarious. When you see him up close, the words he is miming bear no resemblance to the song.” Keller says this year the show is funnier than ever. “We have a new segment this year called Help! Desk. People can send in questions for Chris about strange things their pets are doing; or ask Barry about how to create extra space in their home, or get Miguel’s advice on how to spice up their cooking. “Barry’s ability to see things with the eye of a designer is extraordinary. “We all love helping people, plus is brings us enormous joy being back in the studio together.” Another new segment for this season is called ‘Hack Off’. “The guys come have to come up with an invention to make life easier for me and then have to sell it to me. “For one, Miguel came up with a giant tent attached to a big straw hat – to hide his ‘intimacies’ – as he called them, when you get changed at the beach.” Keller says they do get a bit of help putting these crazy ideas together, although Barry is quite good at it, and Chris is so obsessed with craft he has an account at Spotlight. “When he [Chris] makes craft he takes a long time and is quite clumsy, and I have to remind myself he operates with delicate instruments on tiny animals. He came up with a pair of slippers with a light on the front of them and watching make those is a giggle.” “[The show] is a great combination of things. It’s a tonight show by stealth and I love hosting a show like this. “We don’t say or do anything that isn’t us. There is chemistry between us, and we are very aware of how lucky we are to have that.”



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