5 easy, impactful ways to refresh your home for spring

Spring is finally here — and the change in season is a perfect time to refresh and revitalize your home. From simple home updates that will make a big difference to deep cleaning tips, you at Canadian Tire.

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Photo via Getty Images

After months spent mainly indoors, spring’s arrival is the perfect time to freshen things up both inside and outside your home. With a few quick design changes, a mini home makeover is an easy way to embrace the season with a new outlook and a fresh start.

From tackling a disorganized pantry to finally getting those family photos out on display, removing some of the clutter that’s accumulated over the winter is your best bet for kick-starting the season on a positive note and creating a space that you can enjoy as the snow melts and the trees start to blossom.

If you’re looking for ways to give your home a fresh, new feeling for spring, we’ve gathered up a selection of our favourite trending ideas that will have your home looking and feeling brand new.

Refresh your paint colours

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Photo via Getty Images

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to make your space feel refreshed is with a new coat of paint. The size of your job can range from bigger projects like repainting the kitchen cabinets to small accent walls for a pop of colour.

At Canadian Tire you’ll find a whole host of Premier paints and primers to help you get the job done, as well as brushes, rollers, drop cloths and more. And if you’re looking for some colour inspiration, Pantone’s two shades of the year include a warm neutral hue called Ultimate Grey, as well as the sunny yellow shade, Illuminating.

Brighten up your space

Photo via Canadian Tire

Photo via Canadian Tire

In addition to paint colours, lighting is another way to make a room feel like it’s had a dramatic change with minimal work. Use floor lamps and table lamps to provide mood lighting in any space, and swap out tired old fixtures for interesting new shapes and textures.

Some of our top picks include the CANVAS Orla Flush Mount for a touch of industrial chic style, or the CANVAS Gabriel Chandelier for a midcentury modern vibe.

Organize clutter

Photo via Can
adian Tire

Photo via Canadian Tire

It wouldn’t be spring without some cleaning, and this year why not take a page out of the wildly successful The Home Edit’s book. You’ll find a selection of bins, baskets and storage ideas as part of their collaboration with iDesign, so no matter whether you’re planning to take on the kitchen pantry, your laundry area, or the bathroom, there’s a storage solution that’s sure to work for you.

In the kitchen, keeping things organized and easily accessible will make your daily life easier — and more aesthetically pleasing. Organize your oils, spices and other cooking must-haves with The Home Edit by iDESIGN Single Tier Turntable, which rotates so you can easily access what you need instead of rooting around for it in the pantry. The same turntable also comes in a double tier version, which allows for even more storage options.

We also suggesting giving your kitchen or living room a modern overhaul by adding in a sleek utility cart where you can store your favourite glassware and coffee table books.

The bathroom is one space where clutter can easily pile up — between makeup, hair products and personal hygiene products, what was once a clean, streamlined countertop can often become a dumping ground for just about anything. One of our favourite ways to eliminate clutter is by utilizing divider bins, which can easily fit on either a shelf or under the sink.

Another main place where clutter seems to pile up can be in the laundry room. Between dirty clothes, stain removing products and laundry detergent, it can often feel like you’re stepping through an obstacle course. We like to place three laundry hampers or baskets in our laundry room — one for dark clothes, one for white clothes and one for colours — so that everyone in the family knows where their clothes should land (hint: not the floor!). Another fun way to brighten the space up is with colours. The Home Edit offers storage containers in purple, red and more, which makes it easy to colour coordinate your storage. Put laundry pods in one colour, stain removers in another, and clothespins in a third.

While a drying rack is a must for clothing you don’t want to put in the dryer, they can take up space and lead to extra clutter. We love this gullwing rack because it can be folded up and stored when not in use.

Overhaul your closet

Photo via Canadian Tire

Photo via Canadian Tire

With the change of seasons, it’s the perfect time to swap out your heavy sweaters and chunky knits for lighter weight fabrics and warm weather-appropriate clothing. Under the bed is a great place to pack away your heavy winter layers until next year, and with the help of some airtight storage bins you’ll ensure that they stay looking their best.

Type A Clarity Under-Bed Containers are modular and stackable, making them an ideal choice for keeping things tidy until you need them next. For a more visual way to store your favourite pieces, you can also go for a garment rack like this one from type A to keep them on display year-round.

If you’re wondering what type of storage to go with, Canadian Tire has a handy Closet System Finder which will help you determine which size and model of storage is right for you.

Make it picture perfect

Photo via Canadian Tire

Photo via Canadian Tire

With the changing seasons, it’s a perfect time to finally set up a dedicated space to show off your family portraits in the home. While a gallery wall can be time-consuming to plan out and execute, the CANVAS Collage Multi Frame offers the same effect in a snap.

If you’d rather create a focal point within an existing cozy space, you can spruce things up with a wall-mounted mirror to open up the room, or add floating shelves to display your favourite objects and take advantage of vertical space.

Spring is finally here! Canadian Tire and Yahoo Canada are helping Canadians make the most of the season, with lawncare advice, BBQ inspiration and spring cleaning checklists. Click here for more!