I’ve been working from home for about four years now (yes, even before the COVID-induced lockdowns took effect), so while many were making the challenging transition to conducting their 9-5 agendas from their kitchen tables instead of their office desks after the pandemic hit, nothing (career-wise) really changed for me. I was already used to using Zoom for most meetings and making sure to actually get dressed every single day whether I was leaving the house or not (staying in your pajamas all day doesn’t help boost productivity, trust me!).

With that being said, working from home isn’t exactly free of its challenges for me either. You see, I’ve lived in small studio apartments for the majority of my adult life, which means that my couch and side table is my “office”—despite my bed being located just a foot away from my designated “work only” area. Sure, having a home office is a dream of mine someday, but for now, it’s simply not reality, so I make do with my small living space and have invested in some helpful tools and accessories to make things feel more business. The best WFH investment I’ve made, however, is by far the Worky Home Office in a Box.

Worky The Compact Home Office

This home office in a box is equipped with everything you need to feel like you’re in a legit office space—lighting for better vision and Zoom calls, a whiteboard for reminders, outlets to plug in your laptop and devices, pen holders, and so much more.

The Home Office in a box isn’t really a box—it’s more like an oversized, solid briefcase. You can open and close it securely with its metal latch and it’s designed with a handle so you can bring it with you anywhere you need to work. I imagine it’d be perfect for those living the nomad “Van Life” lifestyle, but it’s also a game-changer for those of us who simply live and work in tight quarters. The compact workspace is armed with everything you’d expect in a full-size office space—with extra WFH-specific built-in upgrades, including an LED conference light that doubles as a “Enhance My Appearance” filter à la Zoom, a magnetic dry erase board, built-in file and pen storage, a four-port power strip, cable storage, and a designated spot for your laptop and mouse.

It really is a pint-sized workstation that transforms your couch, kitchen table, and yes, even your bed into a bona fide office space. Frankly, I wish I’d known about this thing years ago, but better late than never, right? For just $150, you’d be crazy to not upgrade your WFH situation with Worky’s Home Office.


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