Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slammed over BLACK ceiling in $850k Delaware mansion as she’s ripped for ‘tacky’ bathroom

TEEN Mom fans aren’t loving Kailyn Lowry’s home design ideas, slamming her for wanting to paint her ceiling black after they bashed her ‘tacky’ bathroom design and tile choice.

The MTV star, 29, is trying to design her $850,000 dream home in Delaware, but fans aren’t loving her choices.

Kailyn Lowry's home design choices are under fire from fans again


Kailyn Lowry’s home design choices are under fire from fans againCredit: Instagram @kaillowry
The MTV star has been sharing glimpses into the building process with fans


The MTV star has been sharing glimpses into the building process with fansCredit: Instagtram/Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn’s taste came into question after she revealed she wanted to paint the ceiling of her home black.

She posted a look at one of the rooms in her home, writing that she was “waiting for them to paint the ceiling black.”

The post included a poll asking if fans were daring enough to paint their own ceilings black. The majority of respondents answered “no.”

Kailyn’s post made its way onto Reddit, where she was further criticized for her choice.

The original poster wrote: “Is she serious? A black ceiling on a house she wants to sell in a few years.”

Another commenter wrote simply: “Ew.”

A third Reddit user wrote: “At this point I think Kail is just playing the Sims with real life.”

Another Reddit user called Kail “an IDIOT,” writing: “Black ceilings are just gonna make that big room feel so small! My word, she’s an IDIOT.”

Kailyn’s home styling hasn’t been to many of her fans’ liking.

She was previously slammed after showing off a bathroom tile she selected, which fans thought was hideous.

The tile was white with black lines throughout.

It appeared to many to be broken, or like someone had scribbled on it.

Kailyn noted when she posted a photo of the tile: “You’ll either love it or hate it. There’s no in between.”


Reddit users responded to the post with negative comments.

One wrote: “I thought this was broken tile, this is awful.”

Another agreed, writing: “looks like the kids already scribbled all over it lol”

A third echoed that sentiment, commenting: “It looks like one of her kids scribbled across the floor. Imagine having so much money that you buy… this.”

She’s not the only Teen Mom 2 star to be critiqued over her home.

Chelsea Houska has been repeatedly slammed for her home design after building the home of her dreams with husband Cole DeBoer.

Kailyn’s quest to build the perfect home has not been without its challenges.

Beyond hate from fans over her style, she’s had problems with builders.

Giving fans a tour of her sons’ bedrooms, she noted: “We’re upstairs and the one thing I did not think about when doing the blueprints is TVs on the walls. So my kids haven’t always had TVs in their rooms.

“But now that Isaac will be 12, I wanted to plan where to put the TVs on the walls. So Lincoln’s room has a good wall to put a TV on, and Isaac also has one, but Creed and Lux don’e have… the setup is a little bit weird.

“Not by anyone’s fault. It’s just not something I thought about. If we put the bed or crib here, and someone is laying down, there’s no wall, because the door here is for the bathroom and then the closet and then the actual door. There’s nowhere to put a TV. So same thing for Lux’s room.”


Kailyn’s home may not be perfect, but it’s pretty close.

It features everything she, her kids, and their pets may need or want.

Kailyn shared an overview of the mansion’s massive ground level, which boasts several rooms, a grand entrance area, and a staircase leading up to another level.

Her home has rooms for each of her four sons, a playroom, a dog room and more.

Kailyn announced that she was building the new house back in Spring. In August, she admitted that she was not loving the process.

In fact, she said she hated it.

In response to a fan question about her favorite aspect of building a home, Kailyn said: “I thought I was going to absolutely love building a house. I thought it was going to be so much fun.”

Fans have repeatedly bashed her home design


Fans have repeatedly bashed her home designCredit: Instagram
Chelsea Houska has faced similar criticism over her home


Chelsea Houska has faced similar criticism over her homeCredit: Instagram / @downhomedeboers
Kail has been taking the critiques in stride, brushing them off online


Kail has been taking the critiques in stride, brushing them off onlineCredit: Instagram
Kailyn Lowry installing new fire place in her Delaware mansion

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