Stone Coasters – Well Worth the Extra Cost


When you are decorating your home, you can’t forget the tiny details, such as coasters because they do enhance the decor. There are many types of coasters you can buy very inexpensively, but they do not last and do not give your furniture the protection you are looking for.

You can still end up with unsightly stains on the surface of your tables. Stone coasters may cost you more, but they are so durable they will last for years and years and still remain absorbent so that no liquid seeps through to the surface beneath. These coasters are made from natural stone materials, which help to soak up the liquid from a wet glass or cup.

Stone coasters made from sandstone will actually hold up to ΒΌ cup of condensation that builds up on the outside of a cold glass. This liquid slowly evaporates into the air and does not leave a pool of water behind.

The texture of the coaster is slightly rough and this keeps the glass from sticking to the coaster as happens with some coasters that have a smooth surface. The cork backing prevents them from slipping causing a drink to spill and the smoothness of the cork prevents the coasters from scratching the furniture.

Handcrafted marble stone coasters can’t be beat for durability. Coasters made from this material contain fossilized materials that have formed over millions of years. What an addition to your living room furniture? They are available in a wide range of colors to suit any decor.

There is rubber or cork backing on each coaster and each one is protected with a sealer to keep in the fresh colors of the stone. Although marble looks really elegant, it does not have absorbent properties and is one of the coaster types that will stick to the glass. This means that these coasters are easy to damage.

Slate is another natural material for stone coasters. In this style you can have textured and non-textured coasters, but like marble, this stone is not one of those known for its absorbent properties. Slate coasters will add an element of natural elegance to your furniture, especially if the flooring or the fireplace in the room is finished with slate.

A lustrous seal added to the table coaster gives it sheen and all you have to do to clean these coasters is to wipe them off with a damp cloth. Slate is an absorbent stone and will soak up some of the liquid trapping it in the pores of the coaster and then allowing it to evaporate into the air.

Limestone is another absorbent natural material used in making stone coasters. You may be able to see fossils in this stone as well and you do have a choice of colors and designs. The protective cork backing will keep your drink in one place on the table.

These coasters are sold in sets of four and come with a holding tray. The average price of a set of stone coasters is about $25. Although you may think that this is a high price for a small item, it will be well worth paying the extra money in the protection you receive for your furniture every time you use them. These coasters may well become a family heirloom because they will last for generations.

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