Porsche Design Made a Kitchen Knife That’s as Sharp as Your 911

What if your cutlery had all the precision of a 911? Porsche Designs’ latest release for the kitchen turns that proposal into a reality.

Dubbed the Universal Knife, this sleek blade certainly lives up to its all-encompassing name. Forged from pure Japanese 301 stainless steel, the entire utensil is molded from a single piece of metal for added durability and longevity with a razor-sharp edge. It skips the usual handle designs opting for a faceted ergonomic grip that helps make any prep work especially speedy (i.e., tomatoes will be split into neat slices rather than inadvertently crushed). And measuring 15.2cm (approximately 6 inches) in length, it can suit a wide array of tasks not to mention grip sizes.

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Its handling proves especially nimble not only because of its superb construction but because of one of the minds behind its creation. Jörg Wörther was an award-winning chef known for his special handling of delicate vegetables, and he imparted his extensive knifework experience into the fashioning of this reliable cutting tool. And though this knife can be used on just about any food, it does prove itself particularly adept when it comes to slicing and dicing produce.

Though the choice of steel makes it a unit built for the long haul, it is still recommended that avid home cooks take certain precautions to ensure years of steady use. It’s advised that it should always be hand-washed (no dishwasher, please) and dried after every use, and only be used on either wood or plastic cutting surfaces to best retain the sharpness of its edge. And it’s best to heed those protocols as you’ll find yourself turning to this knife constantly so you’ll want to take care.

People often associate the marque offshoot with eyewear or accessories, but it has a robust collection of implements for the kitchen. Try the label’s powerful cleaver for large cuts or splurge on its modern carving set to ensure that your next Thanksgiving presentation is second to none. Head over to the official website to purchase your own Universal Knife for $130.

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