When people want to find solutions for the different living spaces in their homes, they often think of hiring a professional. Too many think the term interior decoration is synonymous with interior design. That is simply not the case. Interior design slowly evolved from interior decorations, but is a lot more complex. Interior decorators do not necessarily need to have a degree, but simply a certificate. Interior designers typically require a four year degree in interior design. Decorators deal with quick and easy renovations while designers often get into the building’s structure and may need a good deal of understanding about architecture. Some are also registered architects.

There have been numerous shows on television that highlight this profession. Trading Spaces is a pretty popular show that showcases the essence of interior design. They not only change the paint or furniture, but they completely redo the entire room. Most get lighting fixtures changed and some even get some permanent changes built into the room itself. However, the home is not the only place for interior design. Some designers may specialize in the commercial realm with specialties in things like furniture design, healthcare design, or retail design. Even in the residential realm one can specialize in something particular such as kitchen design or bathroom design.

As mentioned before, professional designers typically require a four-year degree, but they must also meet qualifications and show competency in the profession. Some in the interior design field may wish to obtain special accreditation offered by private organizations. Certain organizations might even require special certification in other aspects of the profession. The earnings one can receive in this field can vary based on several things such as experience, reputation, and size of the employer. You might find a corporation which hires interior designers as full-time employees, or you might simply find work on a per-job basis.

Most designers choose to go with a theme or style before deciding on the rest of the decor and furniture to go with a particular room. Technology has made some of this a whole lot easier since you can now see the design layout on a computer and show it to clients without actually traveling or doing any renovations first. By taking a lot of the guesswork out of interior design, computers have really enabled the customer to get exactly what they want. It is the job of the interior designer to make sure they meet their customer’s needs while keeping them happy with the work being done.

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