How Much Does It Cost to Repair Termite Damage?


Pest infestation aftermath can be highly severe. Termites are one of the categories with the most capabilities of extensive destruction. Reportedly, they damage roughly 600,000 homes in the United States yearly. And that’ll later amount to an estimated $5 billion annually spent by residents to fix their properties.

termite infested wood

Obviously, you wouldn’t want termites having the moment of their lives in your house. However, it’s hard to tell sometimes until it’s late. When they’re already deep in and wreaking havoc, then is the time to count your cost. On average, a serious termite invasion will cost you $3,000 on repairs. That’s so much money you’d preferably spend doing something else from revamping.

The abovementioned stats and evaluations aren’t always the case. What determines the monetary equivalent of repair is the type of damage done. Primarily, there are structural and cosmetic damages. Let’s take a look at them briefly.

1.   Structural Damage

Here, termites eat up the architectural makeup of your apartment. When they chew the walls and beams, these are very expensive ruins. However, that still varies considerably, and most homeowners spend a couple of thousand to rectify.

2.   Cosmetic Damage

The infuriating pests don’t stop at your home structure alone. They might disfigure some portions of your property with their discharges and pesky activities. Those will likely include stains on your wall painting, door, furniture, sheetrock, etc. Cosmetic damage repairs help you redesign your interior to make it sparkling clean like it usually was. The cost here is lesser compared to structural damage.

Does It Cost A Lot To Exterminate Termites?

Putting termite problems under control will make your repair process effective. In other words, it’s best to take absolute measures in clearing your space of termites before amending their disasters. Commercial pest control methods involve the services of certified and equipped professionals. Aside from the fee of a few bucks, you might also take care of the used chemicals and baits.

Overall, most hired experts negotiate prices per the level of treatment needed, often dictated by the areas affected. It might be a little costly in some cases. But on the good side, there is a guarantee of lastingness with most offers.

Guides To Prevent Termites

As a homeowner, it’s advisable to take proactive steps in putting away pests. For termites, there are no exceptions. Are you troubled by these little terrors? Here are a few steps to cut your home off their reins.

  • Limit moisture around your house.
  • Inspect all wood crafts from window and door frames to furniture works.
  • Keep firewood feet away from your apartment.
  • Repair all leaks from water pipes and conditioning units.
  • Routinely invite a professional for an annual examination.
  • Check the foundation of your house regularly for seeming termite activities. Examples include mud tubes and their colonies.
  • Channel away water spots like drainages, gutters, etc., from your residence.


You can’t possibly keep termites off all by yourself. Unless you have the expertise, it’ll be a futile try. Licensed specialists are the right people for the job. With their recommendations, you can live for decades in your house without pest-related issues.


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