As guests, there are certain unspoken etiquettes that we should follow to get invited next time. Some people skip these etiquettes and are later seen as rude. If you want to get more invites, follow these etiquettes to be a good guest. Check out Uk Collected Reviews to see more tips. 

•    Don’t show up unannounced: Remember, it is only when you announce your intent to visit that someone can make plans to accommodate your stay. 

•    Act accordingly: you may be best friends with someone living in the house. This does not mean that you are allowed to make a mess like it is your apartment. You should try to clean up after yourself and act better than you do at home. 

•    Try to be as helpful as possible: although some hosts will accept no help from guests, it doesn’t hurt to offer. 

•    Make the duration of your stay as clear as possible: if you plan to live with someone for a while, you should try to let the person know when you will be leaving. Even the nicest hosts will get frustrated when someone overstays their welcome. 

It is good to know how to act as a guest, what if the tables were reversed and you are now the host? 


There are a lot of reasons why you should strive to impress a guest in your house. When people feel welcomed and have a good impression of your home, they are more likely to come back. These are a few tips to get you started on impressing your guests. 

•    Having a clean home is something that should be done regularly. Not only will this impress your guests, but it also lets you stay in a healthy environment. There is nothing worse than noticing a big stain on the rug or the chair right before a guest arrives. A good way to get quickly rid of such stains is by using vinegar or baking soda. 

•    Serving meals in a creative way may seem like a waste of time to some people, but it goes a long way in impressing guests. You don’t have to use fancy restaurant recipes, and you can make the usual meals but serve them more elaborately than usual. A good way to do this is to use cooker cutters to make fancy shapes out of meals. You can also make puzzle cookies for kid’s birthdays. 

•    Be more innovative: there are a lot of innovations every day that improves home design using everyday items like eggshells for gardening, old painted tires for stools, decorated bottles for flower vases, and so on. There will impress your guests, and the best thing about innovative designs is that they cost absolutely nothing since most innovations are recycled old items. 

Apart from trying out innovations to impress guests, We can improve on items that we already have, if your furniture looks worn out, you should buy a new set. Get an interior decorator to help out, so you will pick the best color combinations. There are many furniture companies out there; one popular furniture company is OKA; check out OKA reviews to know what other people think about the store.