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The last words and phrases of Abraham Lincoln’s solemn Gettysburg Deal with would be most ideal at any of America’s tragic battles. The terrible trench warfare in Planet War I the frightful landings at Omaha and Utah shorelines at Normandy the hardly ever-ending island beach locations the U.S. Marine Corps was assigned to take in the Pacific. 

All Individuals who set their life on the line for their region really should deservedly get Lincoln’s final phrases: “… that we in this article really take care of that these lifeless shall not have died in vain – that this nation, below God, shall have a new delivery of freedom – and that government of the men and women, by the people, for the folks, shall not perish from the Earth.” 

We all hope that no just one died in vain, but when we critique what has transpired in The us around the earlier 40-plus a long time, that government of, by and for the persons is, at finest, quite unwell. On the national level a person would assume that one’s representative to the Residence of Associates and one’s national senators would protect and encourage our demands and wants and willingly cooperate with a single one more for improvements for the betterment of those people in the states and districts they depict. 

At the time in Washington, D.C., most are speedily brought to heel by the big corporations and their lobbyists who remind them who provided the more than $2,000,000 in expenses to finance their Residence campaigns and $20,000,000 for the Senate. Nothing is additional obtrusive than how Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky regulations the Republicans in the Senate and Kevin McCarthy in the Home. Each use their powers to desire obedience to the Republican Party’s targets of weakening, if not stopping, all the Democratic Party’s attempts at meeting the demands and desires of the vast majority of Individuals. 

Equally have accessibility to hundreds of thousands of pounds in “Darkish (top secret) Cash” that can be applied to aid finance campaigns for the “good” Republicans and defund and most important-out the “bad” types who have initial allegiances to their constituents back residence. The House and Senate voting on recent troubles display this absolute handle and wherever just about every get together stands. The enormous money energy of our 5 million firms, independently and/or collectively, as nicely as the major 3 percent of our wealthiest citizens places us at their mercy! Yikes! 

With unfettered political dollars and electrical power, businesses and persons have huge impact and command more than what costs develop into guidelines who gets to be a Supreme Court justice what govt polices are removed who gets to be a member of the president’s cupboard, for what uses federal funds is spent, on and on. Dollars purchases congressmen dollars buys legislation cash purchases judges’ choices income purchases voters revenue can spread falsehoods and lies. Most of this is completed for company monetary gain and particular person self-curiosity and not essentially for the good of the country. 

So in which do we stand in this circumstance? If you are a “Dyed in the Wool” Republican, a conservative, a Tea Celebration member, or a Libertarian and hope some day when the Republican Party normally takes serious command of the region, nirvana and goodness will reign supreme, you’re in for a marvelous shock. Over the yrs we have experienced a peek powering the curtain and read scuttlebutt about what the actual Republican agenda could comprise. Billionaire David Koch, proprietor of Koch Industries, is by far the most included in trying to set the agenda for and financing of the Republican Celebration and Political Action Committees that aid in the ultra-right’s try at restructuring our authorized, economic, political and social systems. He ran as vice-president of the Libertarian Bash in 1980. 

Here’s a partial listing of the party’s platform he would institute if he could: Abolish Medicare and Medicaid, all private and corporate revenue taxes, the EPA, Division of Power, all welfare and support to the poor, all tax-supported packages for children, all obligatory schooling rules and any condition aid of education, all labor unions and a lot more. Definitely, the Very affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Social Protection would be new additions to this list. The key idea is to privatize and/or weaken and eradicate on all levels of authorities most of these establishments. By so doing, all taxes can be radically lessened, govt restrictions about businesses would be eliminated, folks would be totally free to increase their personal potential, he thinks, and fortunes would be produced in providing personal health care, education, mail supply, social protection type investments, and so forth. Several of these concepts are the Mother’s Milk of today’s Republican Party. Recall that in the very last handful of several years the Property Republicans voted 100 instances to terminate the Cost-effective Treatment Act! Remember President Ronald Reagan’s assertion that the nine most terrifying text in the English language are: “I am from the authorities and I’m right here to enable.” And Mitch McConnell stating that his “… quantity a single priority is to make this president (Obama) a a person-time period president.” And, he’s, “100 p.c targeted on halting Biden’s administration.” 

These targets and attitudes have taken their toll on all of us. The position of our existing financial placement in America tells us a great deal about the subtle and pervasive erosion of our life-style by regular political tension from all those who have only them selves in head and not the betterment of folks and the nation. In 1980, the major just one p.c of wage earners acquired 10 % of the nation’s money. The bottom 50 per cent gained about 20 percent. Right now, it is a single per cent getting 20 per cent and the 50 percent obtaining 12 percent. The one p.c earns two times as much as the full performing course. Monetarily, the so-termed working course – the 50 % of the grownup functioning populace which is about 122 million people today – earns $18,500 per year exceptional of taxes/deductions! These are 2019’s figures. $75,000 is the common annually wage for grownup employees – about 100 million center class employees. $220,000 for the higher center course representing 22 million wage earners. The just one per cent representing 2.4 million grownup staff common $1,500,000 a year. Yet again, 2019 quantities. 

One may assume that these extraordinary discrepancies are rectified in our IRS tax codes. They are not! The normal 2018 tax amount for the 50 p.c was 24 per cent. For the just one per cent, about 21 p.c if they haven’t shifted wage/revenue monies offshore. The regular of all groups was 28 %. We do not have a progressive tax technique, we have a flat tax at 28 % which has much much more economical effects on lessen wage earners. With these quantities in thoughts and with the degree of management political curiosity teams have more than our democracy, the notion that our federal authorities is OF the people, BY the people today and FOR the folks appears to be fairly shaky, and with the attempted coup on 1/6/21, and the likelihood of an additional in the producing, “… shall not have died in vain … and that (our) government shall not perish from the Earth” may well no for a longer period be accurate! We require to be super vigilant as voters to make absolutely sure that would not materialize. The substitute could be frightening. 

John Lewin is a Yuba Metropolis resident and previous longtime record trainer at Marysville Superior College. Lewin taught at the college from 1964-2003 and was the school’s social science department chairman for 25 years. In 2016, Lewin was inducted into the school’s Corridor of Fame with a lifetime recognition award.


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