Cryptocurrency Investment Is Not Gambling

One thing that you should remember is that there are many cryptocurrency investment risks. But cryptocurrency investment is not gambling. Cryptocurrency investment is the same as many things. You may make lots of mistakes, but you can get better from learning from teeka tiwari.

In time, you will learn when it’s good to buy a cryptocurrency and, more importantly, when not to buy a cryptocurrency. Once certain fundamental concepts are mastered (and they will be if you keep at it), there is no shortage of more advanced techniques for you to learn.

Selling Short

Selling short is a little bit riskier than buying long, as far as cryptocurrency investment risks go. But it’s not as risky as what I will discuss next. I guess I’ll use this as a middle ground for cryptocurrency investment risks. You don’t profit any more quickly with this strategy. You can even lose more money than you put in.

So, why even think about selling short? I prefer to sell short. For one thing, a cryptocurrency can go down much faster than it can go up. , people sell short of having another investment option to make money in a down market. As you can imagine, this can be a very liberating and profitable feeling.

However, ever more risky is shorting cryptocurrency with borrowed money (buying on margin), which brings me to.


Finally, something that’s much riskier as far as cryptocurrency investment risks go, but can make you much more money, buying on margin. Day traders, traders who trade throughout the day, many times with large amounts of money, commonly trade on margin.

In case you don’t know what investment on margin is, it’s merely leveraging your money to buy more cryptocurrency. It’s the same as taking out a loan for a house or a car, except the stakes are much higher, and you don’t have years to pay it back.

You don’t have to be a day trader to buy on margin. Anyone can do it. For example, with my cryptocurrency broker, you only need two thousand in your account before applying for a margin account.

As mentioned before, with the possibility of significant loss also comes the possibility of great gain. This is the same with leveraging money. You can lose out considerably, but you can again win significantly (which you may have guessed is the reason people do it).

So, I have talked about different cryptocurrency investment risks, one with not much chance, one with medium risk, and one with many risks.

Manage Your Risk

I’m not going to get into wealth management here, just a few basic strategies you can implement today. Firstly, always place a stop-loss order. This is when you place an order for your cryptocurrency to be sold when it reaches a specific price or percentage.

With these stop-loss orders, you can ensure a profit when the cryptocurrency reaches the point you are aiming for. But even more useful, you can tell the stop-loss order to sell if it goes too far in the wrong direction. Along with stop-loss orders, you may also want to check out buy stop orders or buy limit orders.

Debbie A. Cunningham

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