Aston Martin Makes Home Design Debut in the Hudson River Valley


Can an iconic design sensibility in one area of everyday life be translated into another? Over the years, Aston Martin has earned a reputation for high-end design in the automotive world — and creating some of the world’s most recognizable cars. But what happens when that aesthetic is applied to modern home design?

The answer, as it turns out, can be found in the Hudson River Valley. A new article at Robb Report by Martin Lerma outlines the unveiling of Sylvan Rock, a private residence that represents the automaker’s foray into private architecture. Lerma’s article offers plenty of information on the project: it was created in collaboration with S3 Architecture, and encompasses a compound of buildings on 55 acres of land. It’s also a stunning sight to behold.

The compound includes a main building along with a trio of pods, which the article notes can be used for guests, as offices or for fitness spaces. The garage space is also meticulously designed and offers residents one of several points of entry to the home. A lattice design familiar to many observers of Aston Martin’s cars also makes an appearance within the home itself — in the wine cellar, to be specific. Yes, there’s a wine cellar.

If you’ve ever wanted to apply your love of Aston Martin’s cars to an Aston Martin home, this particular location is on the market — and can be had for $7.7 million. Does it also mean we could see more Aston Martin home designs in the future? If this is any indication, let’s hope so.

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