Living in the Bay Area offers an endless amount of activities to enjoy and places to visit, and summer is the perfect time to explore all the interests you don’t have time for during the school year. Living in a place with so much variety can be overwhelming, though, so the Daily Clog is here to help. Whether you’re looking to take yourself on a solo date, want something to do with your friends or hope to take your partner somewhere special, the Daily Clog’s A-Z Bay Area date spots guide is perfect for you.

Today’s date spot is the classic art gallery. While there are countless to choose from in the Bay Area, our recommendation is the Minnesota Street Project — an indoor gallery with a variety of exhibits, this gallery provides the perfect chance to see many different art styles. Each room highlights a different artist’s work with a specialist present to answer any questions or chat about the artwork with you. Especially on those sweltering days, this air-conditioned venue can keep you busy for hours as you bounce from room to room. With no entrance fee, this spot is also great for those living on a true college student budget.

While the Minnesota Street Project is in San Francisco, transportation there is fairly straightforward. Driving there from UC Berkeley’s campus takes about 45 minutes, and the area boasts plenty available free street parking. If you prefer traveling via public transportation, expect to arrive by BART in about one hour and 15 minutes, with an additional eight-minute walk. Either way, this date spot is relatively accessible compared to other places and definitely worth the commute.

After walking through the gallery, you may be looking for something to eat or drink, and the city is full of options. Directly across the street, there is a coffee shop perfect for grabbing a cool drink or sweet treat. With lots of indoor and outdoor seating options, you are sure to find a place to rest. Alternatively, you can take your drink to go and walk through the hills of San Francisco. If you’re looking for dinner options, there is no short supply. We recommend heading over to the nearby Mission District for an array of choices ranging from Mexican cuisine to Japanese revolving sushi. Whatever you might be craving is sure to be near, and it might be the cherry on top of your artistic activities.

If you’re looking for something to finish out your day, Mission Dolores Park is right around the corner. Walking through from the Mission District to this relaxing park is the perfect way to wind down before heading home. Mission Dolores Park is a great place to people watch, relax or just hang out with your date buddy. Additionally, if you time it right, you might catch the beautiful sunset from this peaceful spot.

We hope this inspires you to bring out your artistic side and explore some new things in the Bay Area. Summer is the perfect time for new adventures, and we’re excited for you to get out there!

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