Woodworking or carpentry is the process of making or building something out of wood. Two of the most famous wood craftsmen are Norm Abram and Roy Underhill. Norm is a “Master carpenter” on the PBS programs This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop. The New Yankee Workshop featured a furniture project each week, and Norm emphasized safety in using the power tools and other equipment. Norm’s well-known fondness for plaid shirts has been parodied by Al Borland, a character on ABC’s Home Improvement. Norm’s projects have plans, drawings, materials lists and everything you need to complete a project just like he did on TV each week.

The wood wright with the Hungarian mustache and driving cap is Roy Underhill, host of the Wood wright’s Shop on PBS. Roy instructs his viewers in the traditional art of woodworking with hand tools. In fact, each hand tool used on the program is manually operated, meaning nothing is electric. He builds thing like they were done in colonial days. Hand tool aficionados hold him in such high esteem that he is often referred to as “St. Roy.” Underhill has written several books with detailed drawings and how-to plans for making some of the projects seen on his show. These projects include a walking-stick chair, a telescoping stand for music, a revolving Windsor chair and a fireplace bellows.

Many people choose woodworking as a hobby, and they are found diligently toiling in their workshops as often as possible. Most search on the Internet for a wood furniture plan they can download and use to create a nice home project. One popular project is for a rocking horse that will give your children hours of fun. Many other plans and blueprints are available that are geared towards youngster’s toys and nursery accouterments. Plans include small Adirondack chairs and other furniture for kids, personalized toy chests, doll houses with furniture and toy cars and trucks.

Many free woodworking plans can be found online for all your wood furniture needs. You can find blueprints for an armoire to a vanity that you can build in your own shop. Not only can you build excellent hand crafted furniture in any style, but it will be a great deal cheaper than trying to buy similar antiques for your home. In no time at all you will want your own TV show just like Norm Abram and Roy Underhill!

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